Barry C Smith: We Have Far More Than Five Senses

Aeon Video Aristotle was wrong and so are we: there are far more than five senses Subscribe to the Aeon Video newsletter:​ Watch ‘Barry C Smith: We Have Far More Than Five Senses’ on Aeon Video:​ Watch more free videos on Aeon:​ Subscribe on YouTube:​ Follow us on Twitter:​ Follow us on Facebook:​ Follow us on Instagram:​ Scientists have long known that there’s much more to our experience than the five senses (or ‘outward wits’) described by Aristotle – hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste. Yet the myth of five senses persists, perhaps because a clearer understanding of our sensory experience at the neurological level has only recently started to take shape. In this instalment of Aeon’s In Sight series, the British philosopher Barry C Smith argues that the multisensory view of human experience that’s currently emerging in neuroscience could make philosophising about our senses much more accurate, and richer, allowing philosophers to complement the work of scientists in important ways. But first, philosophy must catch up to the major advances being made in brain science. Producer: Kellen Quinn Interviewer: Nigel Warburton Editor: Adam D’Arpino Assistant Editor: Daphne Rustow

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