Epigenetics – our bodies’ way to change the destiny written in our DNA | Moshe Szyf | TEDxBratislava

What we thought of as something fixed, DNA is actually very cleverly modified according to current environmental needs. Even before a baby is born, it already knows what world to prepare itself for. Moshe in this talk sheds light on his groundbreaking findings.

Moshe Szyf is one of the poineers in the field of epigenetics. Szyf’ lab has proposed three decades ago that DNA methylation is a prime therapeutic target in cancer and other diseases and has postulated and provided the first set of evidence that the “social environment” early in life can alter DNA methylation launching the emerging field of “social epigenetics”. The Szyf’ lab is interested in understanding basic epigenetic mechanisms and their broad implications in human behavior, health and disease as well as in developing epigenetics’ based therapeutics and diagnostics.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

“‘Fearless Girl’ statue stares down Wall Street’s iconic bull” by Verena Dobnik (AP)

March 9, 2017 (SFGate.com)
Shriya Gupta of Cherokee, N.C. strikes a pose with a statue titled "Fearless Girl", Wednesday, March 8, 2017, in New York. The statue was installed by an investment firm in honor of International Women's Day. Photo: Mark Lennihan, AP / Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Photo: Mark Lennihan, AP.  Shriya Gupta of Cherokee, N.C. strikes a pose with a statue titled “Fearless Girl”, Wednesday, March 8, 2017, in New York. The statue was installed by an investment firm in honor of International Women’s Day.

NEW YORK (AP) — A new statue of a resolute young girl staring down Wall Street’s famous Charging Bull was erected by a major asset managing firm for International Women’s Day to make a point: There’s a dearth of women on the boards of the largest U.S. corporations.

State Street Global Advisors, the Boston-based investment giant, had the statue created to push companies to increase the number of women directors.

Artist Kristen Visbal‘s “Fearless Girl” drew crowds Wednesday that initially came to pose for pictures with the bull, but the novelty quickly became a New York hot spot.

The girl is sculpted in bronze, her hands firmly planted on her waist, ponytailed head held high.

“Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference,” reads a plaque at her feet.

 “As a steward of nearly $2.5 trillion of assets, we want to engage with boards and management around issues that we think will drive core results,” said Lori Heinel, State Street’s deputy global chief investment officer. “And what you find repeatedly is having more diverse boards and more diverse senior management will actually drive better results for companies.”

Twenty-five percent of the Russell 3000 — a broad index of U.S. companies — have no women on their boards, according to State Street, which manages many of their assets.

According to ISS Analytics, a business research firm, just 16 percent of board seats on companies in the Russell 3000 are held by women; the average board of directors has eight men and one woman.

“It’s going to happen to the end of time unless you change something,” says Erik Gordon, a lawyer and professor at the University of Michigan‘s Ross School of Business. “It’s got to not just be the rules. It’s got to be the culture.”

State Street has three women on an 11-member board. Heinel said her company also will urge those in Great Britain and Australia to add women to their leadership.

One man working in corporate America needed no convincing.

Chandrasekar Sundaram says a woman is the CEO of the company he works for in Texas, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and has quite a few women reporting to her.

“But when it gets to 50 percent, that’s when I think it’ll be right,” said Sundaram, a Dallas resident and native of India who was visiting New York with his family — with the Charging Bull as one of their stops.

The mammoth bronze was a “guerrilla art” act, dropped in the middle of the night in Bowling Green Park in 1989 without permission, by an artist who created it as a symbol of Americans’ survival energy following the 1987 stock market crash. The city gave its permission for the bull to remain.

This week, McCann New York, a top advertising agency, installed the statue of the girl before dawn Tuesday — with a city permit for one week. Negotiations are underway for the piece to remain longer.

Why choose the Charging Bull as the site to place the girl?

“Well, we really wanted the bull to have a partner, and a partner that we thought was worthy of him,” Heinel said. “And so we got a very determined young woman who is fearless and is willing to drive the change that we believe we need.”

Sundaram’s 8-year-old daughter, Sankaribriya, got the message.

She wanted to pose with the sculpted girl “because I just wanted to look at her and wanted to feel like her.”


Associated Press Markets Writer Marley Jay contributed to this report.

TED talk: Geena Rocero on why I must come out

When fashion model Geena Rocero first saw a professionally shot photo of herself clad in a bikini, she was beside herself. “I thought…you have arrived!” she says proudly. This might not be the typical experience, but, as Rocero reveals, that’s because she was born with the gender assignment “boy.” In a moving and personal talk, Rocero finds that transgender activism is giving her a whole new sense of pride and purpose.

(Contributed by Robert McEwen, H.W., M.)

Dmitri Shostakovich – Symphony No. 7 “Leningrad”

– Composer: Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich (25 September 1906 — 9 August 1975)
– Orchestra: Chicago Symphony Orchestra
– Conductor: Leonard Bernstein
– Year of recording: 1988

Symphony No. 7 in C major (Leningrad), Op. 60, written in 1941.

00:00:00 – I. [War]. Allegretto
00:31:49 – II. [Memories]. Moderato (poco allegretto)
00:46:41 – III. [My Native Field]. Adagio
01:06:05 – IV. [Victory]. Allegro non troppo

It is impossible to deny the overwhelming impact Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 7 had on its listeners in 1942: The Leningrad première was performed by the surviving musicians of the Leningrad Radio Orchestra, supplemented with military performers. Most of the musicians were starving, which made rehearsing difficult: musicians frequently collapsed during rehearsals, and three died. The orchestra was able to play the symphony all the way through only once before the concert. Shostakovich was not present at the première, because he had been evacuated. Even so, the performance received an hour-long standing ovation.

Written by Shostakovich after he had been transported out of his besieged hometown of Leningrad, the Seventh is a patriotic hymn to his city and country and a rallying cry to the foes of fascism. Initially dedicated to the life and deeds of Vladimir Lenin, Shostakovich decided instead to dedicate the symphony to the city of Leningrad on its completion in December 1941.

Its premiere in the U.S.S.R. was world news, and the securing its first performance rights in the West was contested by Toscanini, Stokowski, and Koussevitzky. Toscanini won, and the work was rapturously received and repeatedly performed. But even before the war had ended, the exalted position of the “Leningrad” Symphony had slipped, and commentators in the West derided it as pompous and prosaic. The symphony, rehabilitated from being a patriotic piece to being a subversive piece based on the purported testimony of Shostakovich, only later received regular performances in the West. The truth is that Shostakovich’s Seventh is an enormous piece for a gargantuan orchestra set in four vast movements lasting more than 70-80 minutes in performances.

– Its opening Allegretto, about half an hour in length, has proud and determined C major themes at its start and close, and a central section that takes a theme from Offenbach and turns it into a massive ostinato that overwhelms the C major themes with its brutal banality.
– This is followed by a haunted Moderato of plucked strings and screeching woodwinds and by …
– a vast Adagio with stirring strings and bold brass.
– The closing Allegro non troppo returns to the monumental style of the opening movement with grand and glorious themes culminating in an interminable C major climax.

The truth is that the Seventh is a work of banal themes and bombastic climaxes, but Shostakovich’s imagination and discipline have fused the banal and bombastic into an overwhelming musical work.

Skype Astrology Group (from Robert McEwen, H.W., M.)

Aloha Astrology Buffs!~

I am an astrologer of many years. I first started studying when I was 16 with Thane in Beverly Hills.  He gave me the book “The Compleat Astrologer,” by the Parkers.  I just bought another one I liked it so much!   Now I turned 64 and still addicted to its infinite wisdom and practical daily useI love astrology, I love helping people, and I love teaching. Therefor I’m putting together, once again, an astrology Meet-up group focusing on Western natal astrology. This will probably be a weekly thing meeting in downtownor inner city Portland, Oregon.  I am thinking about also doing it on Skype.

The last time I did this was in Portland in 1976.  I did it at my house and hotel spaces, along with doing private readings.  At this potentially-possible Portland group people will be able to share their knowledge/experience with this wonderful art and science.

I know many of you are quite experienced at astrology, so you are welcome to contribute what you want with this wise universal language of the soul.  A group dynamic situation will be used.  Please come share.  I am very excited about this.

 Newcomers are welcome, too, even those who have absolutely zero astro-knowledge. The goals of the group will be to learn and to spark interest with others.  Also to understand there unconscious dynamics and open up and share yours.  If you have your chart handy please use it. All levels of geocosmic science will be covered, starting from most basic and eventually reaching more advanced levels, therefor it will be advantageous to start with the rest of the group at the first meeting and on.  I will be doing participants charts,or they may get theirs done online perhaps. Old timers feel free to teach too and be patient with the beginners please.  However this will be understanding interpretations mostly, the symbolic language.  This is not to learn how to delineate an astrological chart.  It is not a technical class, but we will explore natal chart and transit.  

For now I’m seeing who all in the Portland are is interested in this idea. If/when I receive enough interest I will then organize the details of an actual meet up group. It will probably take place at a coffee shop, like Starbucks, or my apartment community room or living room.  I will serve as moderator and primary teacher.

Any and all people are welcome to come as long as they bring an interest or curiosity and a receptive attitude. Please no close-minded “skeptics” who want to show up solely to put down/hate on astrology. Again, this group will be a fun place for learning and nothing else.

I am also planning on possibly doing this on Skype, if there are 5 or more interested.  Let me know please.  It will be fun!  Thanks for reading this. Hope to hear from you all & looking forward to meeting other people into astrology!

Robert McEwen, H.W., M.robbystarman@aol.com (503) 706-0396

Movie Dance Scenes Mashup (Mark Ronson-Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars)

If you like this video, please support these film preservation charities:
The British Film Institute, https://www.bfi.org.uk/filmisfragile/
The George Eastman Museum, http://eastman.org/donate
The Film Foundation, http://www.film-foundation.org/donation

My inspiration came from What’s the Mashup? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmnSm…) but I didn’t manage 100! The idea was to do the same for movies from the Golden Age – meaning no title later than 1953 (although there is one at the end.) Oh, and none of these clips was sped up or slowed down.

If you like the clips, go buy the movies on DVD! And the song on Google Play or iTunes!

And thanks also to IMDB, clipconverter.cc and Nero Video.

Turn on subtitles to find out the film names.

(Contributed by Robert McEwen, H.W., M.)

Correlations: The Archetypal Astrology Podcast with Matthew Stelzner

I’m joined by Jessica Garfield-Kabbara and Delia Shargel as we discuss Jessica’s article “Re-Visioning Saturn,” in the latest issue of Archai, the Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. We have a lively discussion about becoming conscious of the patriarchal roots of our Western traditions, including archetypal astrology, and the process of maturing our understanding of the archetype of Saturn using the concept of the “static” and “dynamic” Masculine and Feminine.

You may read the “Re-Visioning Saturn” article for free here at archai.org. http://www.archai.org/wp-content/uplo…

“Quantum Astrology” by Robert McEwen, H.W., M.

Quantum Astrology is uncovering the power of the archetypes that live within the collective unconscious of each individuation of Infinite Mind.  Each person is a unique design of the whole and encompasses the whole.  In other words, all planets signs of the zodiac.    It is a unique pattern, like the infinite facets of a diamond, but it is one diamond.    It is consciousness conscious of conscious template.
There is a power that can be unleashed as we make the unconscious conscious, as the psychologist  Carl Jung practiced.  He found that having the natal birth chart of his clients sped the process of psycho analysis up tremendously, and had all his clients charts done before even seeing them.  This astrological measurement is the invisible essence of you as a mathematical equation.  This you as a Quantum Potentiality as you observe yourself as this.  This is quite the opposite of the old “fatalism” misunderstanding of astrology.  Unpredictability can be unleashed in quantum astrology as you observe the planet placements, zodiac signs and planetary aspects.  Not only in the natal chart, but the transiting planets through the natal chart.  Thane mentioned you can predict what a group of atoms will do, but not an individual atom!  Let me remind you this all happens at the level of consciousness, and learning to be conscious of consciousness.  This is the quantum part of the equation called “you”!
The is the power of synergy within the birth chart, and it is brought out as the current transiting planets travel in there orb through the 12 signs of the zodiac,   These are archetypes that connect in unique dynamics, and once understood awaken your consciousness in an amazing way that only the individual, you, can experience.  This journey is navigated with the help of self understanding with the help of an astrologer.  They merely interpret the language based on the time and space matrix based on your birth time date and place.  Latitude and Longitude and GMT time converted to a sidereal time, or Universal time. This is where the professional astrologer comes in to help you bring the light to this internal consciousness map.  It is a symbolic interpretation of a rich understanding, or lens,  that you look through to get a universal view of life!
Robert McEwen, H.W.,M
Quantum Astrology Readings Available
via Skype or phone.  $95.00 hr.

Sweet Honey in the Rock – Would you harbor me?

An internationally renowned all-woman, African-American a cappella ensemble: this is Sweet Honey in the Rock, whose name was derived from a song, based on Psalm 81:16, which tells of a land so rich that when rocks were cracked open, honey flowed from them.

“Would you harbor me” was written by Ysaye Barnwell and comes from the album “Sacred Ground” (1995). One of their albums “Raise your voices” (2007) has the cover shown at the beginning of the video.

The group was formed in 1973. In 1979, Ysaya Barnwell joined the group. She is a prolific composer who has been commissioned to create music for dance, choral, film and stage productions. She holds a B.S. and an M.S in speech pathology, a Ph.D. in cranio-facial studies and a post-doctoral degree in Public Heath. She also taught in the School of Dentistry for a decade.This woman is extremely multi-talented.

She leads this group who express their history as women of color through song and who address other topics such as motherhoood, spirituality, freedom, civil rights, domestic violence and racism.


Would you harbor me? Would I harbor you?
Would you harbor me? Would I harbor you?
Would you harbor a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew,
A heretic, convict, or spy?
Would you harbor a runaway woman or child,
A poet, a prophet, a king?
Would you harbor an exile or a refugee,
A person living with AIDS?
Would you harbor a Tubman, a Garret, a Truth,
A fugitive or a slave?
Would you harbor a Haitian, Korean, or Czech,
A lesbian or a gay?
Would you harbor me? Would I harbor you?

Cultural notes (names referred to in the song):

a Tubman: refers to Harriet Tubman (1820-1913) who was instrumental in rescuing and guiding slaves to freedom. One of her nicknames was “Moses” because she led her people out of slavery towards a “promised land”.

a Garrett: refers to Thomas Garrett (1789-1871), a great humanitarian who helped 2,700 slaves escape to freedom in his career as “station master” of the Underground Railbroad.

a Truth: refers to Sojourner Truth, a woman who championed the cause of equality for black women. Born inbto slavery, she became a remarkable preacher who delivered her most famous speech at a woman’s convention during which she said her legendary phrase, “Ain’t I a woman”

the “Underground Railroad”: refers to a vast network of people who helped fugitive slaves escape to the North and to Canada.