Charter of The Prosperos

The general nature of the objects of the Corporation are:

1.  Religious, charitable, and benevolent, and especially to conduct religious services.

2.  The fostering and encouragement of a higher degree of spiritual enlightenment and understanding, the basis of true Spiritual Democracy as interpreted in terms of the self-evident Truth that Being is the equality of man; the cultivation of friendship and fellowship among its members; to safeguard the future welfare of the youth of America and the world; to build them up to a high plane, mentally, morally and spiritually; to foster, guard and protect them that they may grow and develop into upright cosmopolite citizens; to provide healthful recreation that they may develop perfect healthy bodies; to educate them in the better class of art and literature that their minds may only absorb that which is of the best, and to encourage them to study the latest scientific matter; to give them a moral and spiritual background in keeping with the Atomic Age so that they will be able to meet the world’s problems with poise and Intelligence and create a solution of affairs with peace, equity and justice; to so encourage and train them that they will exercise a spirit of liberty and tolerance toward all whom they may contact; to instill in them a reverence and knowledge of the Spiritual reality and resource of Democracy as envisioned by our forefathers and thus be prepared to oppose and be immune to any propaganda or agitation, either from within or without, which has as it object the destruction of Democracy as a way of life.

3.  To bring before the public at various times lecturers and speakers on spiritual and other subjects who are able by experience and education to enlighten and broaden the minds of people that they may lead brighter and happier lives.

4.  At all times to strive to bring peace into the world and into the hearts and lives of the people.

5.  To so practice hope, faith and love that all those whom we contact may be brought into a higher, broader vision of life and receive a spiritual understanding that will bring them peace of mind and heal the world, through the individual, of the ills that threaten to wipe out, or set civilization back many centuries.

6.  To gather, receive and disseminate and to purchase and sell such information, literature, magazines, pamphlets and books, as may seem helpful to the members; to interchange ideas in rendering mutual assistance and to provide helpful vocational advice and guidance.

7.  To encourage the promotion and establishment of subsidiary local associations; to maintain and conduct associations; to maintain and conduct associations and recreational facilities and reading rooms for the members, their friends and the public.

8.  To receive love offerings; to receive, manage, take and hold real, personal and (OR) mixed property by gift, grant, devise, or bequest, and to purchase, lease, hold, sell, develop, mortgage, convey or otherwise acquire or dispose of real and personal property necessary or proper for the carrying  out of the purposes of this corporation.

9.  To erect, equip and maintain social meeting houses and other appropriate buildings for the use and enjoyment of all the members of the association upon and under such terms and conditions and subject to such rules, regulations and restrictions as The Board of Trustees may from time to time determine.

10.  To invest and reinvest surplus funds in such securities or properties as the Board of Trustees may from time to time determine.

11.  To print, publish and circulate publications, books, transcriptions, records of any kind, and to distribute, rent, buy or sell motion picture and photographic equipment and recording apparatus.

12.  To assist in any other matters pertaining to the welfare and advancement of the members and the attainment of the highest order of American citizenship.

–Articles of Reincorporation dated February 14, 1975 of original Charter dated May 22, 1956

The Prosperos By-Laws Article IX – High Watch Membership

Requirements for qualification as a member of High Watch are as follows:

I.  Closed Classes:

1.  Cosmic Intention Therapy

2.  Advance Seminar

3.  Translation

4.  Releasing the Hidden Splendour

5.  Self Encounter

6.  Eleventh Hour Dispatch

7.  Survival Dynamics (Carl Payne Tobey’s, Grant Lewi’s & Thane’s approach to astrology)

8.  Comprehensive Workshop

9.  Life Class

10.  Crown Mysteries

11.  Surpracargo

II.  The applicant shall have complete the entire series of “Find Yourself & Live” Study Group lessons.

III.  The applicant shall have completed or show s/he is in the process of completing the current “High Watch Reading List” as set forth by the Dean/Executive Council.

IV.  The applicant shall submit a 3,000 word thesis on each of the following subjects:

1.  Explanation of the technique and purpose of Translation to be accompanied by a written example of Translation.

2.  Explanation of the technique and purpose of Releasing the Hidden Splendour, to be accompanied by a written example of the technique.

The thesis when submitted in triplicate to the Dean shall be accompanied by the current Filing Fee.

V.  The applicant shall deliver an oral dissertation on Releasing the Hidden Splendour and Translation before two or more Mentors; and at that time the applicant shall pay the current Orals Fee.

VI.  Upon recommendation of the Mentors, the applicant is then qualified for High Watch membership by the Executive Council.

VII.  These qualifications may be waived under special circumstances as outlined in the Charter of The Prosperos.

VIII.  Requirements for High Watch may be changed at any time by the Dean/Executive Council.

IX.  The applicant submitting a thesis must have a zero balance with The Prosperos and Onto Services.

X.  The applicant shall be and remain a Sponsoring member of The Prosperos.

The Prosperos By-Laws Article X – Internship

Membership in the High Watch and approval by the Executive Council are prerequisites to internship as a Mentor.  The curriculum and tenure of internship shall  be established by the Executive Council.

The Prosperos By-Laws Article XI – Mentors

Mentors shall be legally ordained ministers of The Prosperos having been qualified as such at the direction of the Executive Council upon completion of internship and shall have the following legal prerogatives:

1.  Mentors may legally perform marriage ceremonies, burial services, christenings and shall have all privileges accorded the clergy.

2.  Mentors shall be religious lay-counselors working with the priniciples of the Sciences of Mind and Ontology.

3.  It shall be the privilege of Mentors to consult with physicians for the purpose of medical diagnosis.  It is a principle of The Prosperos that there shall be cordial and mutually cooperative relationships between Mentor and physician.

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