Prosperos classes

Cosmic Intention Therapy – An overview of the advent of consciousness from the Age of the Reindeer to mankind leaving the planet.

Advance Seminar – The latest breakthroughs in psychics and their relationship to ancient mystical truths.

Translation – using syllogistic reasoning to translate apparent reality back into Universal Truth.

Releasing the Hidden Splendour – resolving emotional blockages through self-observation and the understanding of our true identity.

Self-Encounter – technique for self-observation and self-transcendence.

Lucid Dreaming – learning how to consciously enter your dream state.

Creative Problem Solving

Supracargo:  The Paranormal Prerequisites of the Superpro

Comprehensive Workshop – combining all of The Prosperos classes into a comprehensive whole.

Life Class – How our sexuality relates to creativity and a new and larger sense of love.

Crown Mysteries – Pinnacle class and guided meditation.

Here’s the text Heather Williams, H.W., M., used for her online Translation and RHS classes:

What is Translation® Class?

Translation, in the ordinary sense, is an important bridge between two languages. For example, at my middle school, we have several aides who translate English into another language and vice versa so that English-speaking teachers and other-language-speaking parents can work together to support the educational needs of the children.

The tool Translation®, created by Thane for The Prosperos School of Ontology, is similar, but different. It is a bridge between two languages. However, in this case, we’re talking about translating the language of “form” or matter back to the language of “formlessness” or Mind. The ego-part of us and our ancient survival drives “speak” the language of matter. Our Essential Self (God, Spirit, Infinite Mind) “speaks” the language of formless Oneness or Infinite Mind. It is our Consciousness that is the lens through which we see life. Ordinarily, we see forms for the most part. Only occasionally do we open up to “see” the ever present resources of Infinite Mind. At this time in history, it is crucial that we awaken and become more conscious of the formless language of Mind. We are learning to walk back and forth between matter space and Mind space. We are learning to be co-creators of our own future. How do we do this? Take the Translation Class and learn to Translate. The key is in RE-identifying ourselves as Consciousness.

Translation® is a remarkable tool. For over 60 years, it has been empowering people to use their problems as teachers, and to draw the solution out of the problem.

Releasing the Hidden Splendour (RHS)

RHS is a Forgiveness Tool. We call it the “GIVE-FOR Technique”.
The RHS tool uses archetypal symbols to break patterns and empower you to free yourself of the hodge-podge of painful memories which psychology has proven to be a determining factor in everyday human conflicts.

You are the sum total of your memories, the composite of your hopes, dreams, aspirations, fears, hatreds and resentments. Releasing the Hidden Splendour enables you to free yourself of these chains of memories and release your potential. RHS goes beyond psychology and psycho-analysis. It not only answers “Who am I?”, but shows you how to become a strong, free person. You will attain goals you never dared hope for. Inner peace will become a reality. You will discover the miracle power of your mind and experience astounding results in your search for health, wealth and happiness. You will learn how to accept your universal heritage and become consciously aware of your membership in what Barbara Marx Hubbard is calling “Generation One” – the first generation of humans who recognize that we have the power to destroy our planet or to evolve into a higher understanding of our connected ONENESS. The RHS class offers insights and practices you need now to re-identify yourself as Mind Unfolding and become an effective agent in the world.

Releasing the Hidden Splendour is a radical, challenging and essential contribution to any community, to society and to YOU!

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