Prosperos Mentors

Active Prosperos Mentors:

Rick Thomas, H.W., M., in Los Angeles, CA, at

Suzanne Deakins, H.W., M., in Portland, Oregon at

Zoë Robinson, H.W., M., in United Kingdom and Greece, at

Ben Gilberti, H.W., M., in West Hartford, Connecticut at

Al Haferkamp, H.W., M., in Los Angeles, CA, at

Heather Williams, H.W., M., near San Diego, CA, at

Hugh John Malanaphy, H.W., M., in Los Angeles, CA, at

Richard Hartnett, H.W., M., in Colorado at

Robby McEwen, H.W., M., in Oregon at

Mike Zonta, H.W., M., in San Francisco, CA, at

Calvin Harris, H.W., M., in Cathedral City, CA, at


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