The Five Ethics of Confucius (

Confucius and disciples, statues of the Ashikaga Gakko, a Confucian school and oldest academy of Japan.
Confucian ethics are described as humanistic. This ethical philosophy can be practiced by all the members of a society.  Confucian ethics is characterized by the promotion of virtues, encompassed by the Five Constants, or the wǔ cháng (五常), extrapolated by Confucian scholars during the Han Dynasty.

The Five Constants are:

  • Rén (仁, benevolence, humaneness);
  • (義/义, righteousness or justice);
  • (禮/礼, proper rite);
  • Zhì (智, knowledge);
  • Xìn (信, integrity).

Thane’s meditation from the final lesson of “Find Yourself and Live”

Thane of Hawaii

“Give me my robe.  Put on my crown.  I have immortal longings in me.”  
–Cleopatra in Anthony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare

“Every one in this room has the urge of transcendence.  It is impersonal.  It is non-predictable.  And it is of such force that no material thing or lunatic idea will divert it.

“It is my contention that the soul of man, filled with immortal longings, reaches out through the mists of human theories and beliefs, seeking a place of contact, feeling its way through a mass of opinions and ideas.  And it is my contention that this is as fevered as the search of one seeking to grasp the beloved.

“Behold (speaking to the Cosmos), thou art fair, my love.  Behold, thou art fair. Thou hast dove’s eyes within thy locks. Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet.  Thy neck is like the Tower of David builded.  Thou art all fair, my love.  There is no spot in thee.  I seek transcendence because thou in me hast ravished my heart.

“Solomon, seeking the beloved, is the story of every man seeking completeness, wholeness, which he senses, yet which he never dreams lies within his own consciousness, which is where it must be.  We must become aware of this ravishing delight within before anything lasting and satisfying will take place.

“Our urge for transcendence is saying to the Universe, ‘Thou art my beloved.’  Suddenly I looked up from my mundane routine and felt you and saw you standing at the doorway of Eternity.  I knew you were coming long before you arrived.  For the aroma of thy reality penetrated me from out the pale green stretches of imagination.

“Thou art my beloved.  I do not know what form you will take. Only that it is the form of the beloved.  And now, as I stand closer, a cloud of perfume comes from you and falls over me as a golden veil. It is absorbed into every atom of my being, just as waves of the ocean thrown upon a dry sandbank is instantly sucked up.

“Thou art my beloved.  Thou art a sheaf of lilies all glistening white and gold.  Within each chalice lies the crystal nectar of life.  One drop of it envelopes me like a mighty ocean, opening my eyes to the unuttered and undreamed of beauty of you.

“Thou art my beloved. I am flooded with the love of you.  I am warm, glad because of you.  I am swimming with you in the infinite sea of life in which are all things.

“Thou art my beloved.  I am straying with you at dawn.  The world is dew-drenched with freshness and purity.  We are bound together by an unseen chord as slight as a spider’s web strung with a million diamond dew drops, and yet as mighty as a thousand thousand strands of steel.  There is nothing binding us stronger than a spider’s thread and yet nothing can tear us apart.  My urge for transcendence is thyself.

“Thou art my beloved.  Thou art my soul.  The substance of my being.

“Thou art my beloved.  You stand at the portals of my cognition, a white and burning light of revelation and beauty.

“Thou art my beloved.

“And so it is.”

Thane’s meditation from FYL Lesson #37, the final lesson, “Summing Up, Somewhat”

Does Time Exist? Why Our Gut Feelings Are No Match For Physics


Author and Science Historian

Physics often makes a fool of our gut feelings. James Gleick, author of Time Travel: A History makes this point using the most elemental example. You, sitting or standing to read this now, your gut feeling and experience tells you that you’re sitting or standing on a flat plane, on an immobile surface. Science has some news for you though, in Gleick’s words: “You’re actually on the surface of a giant sphere that’s spinning at high speed and hurtling through space, and by the way there’s no difference between up and down except an illusion that’s created by the force of gravity.”

Radical readjustments of accepted perception is central to the nature of physics – even if something isn’t proven, our mind has to stay open to the possibility that maybe, things aren’t as we see, feel or intuit them to be. This is particularly relevant to the debate surrounding time. Does time exist, or doesn’t it? Is time only inside our minds, or is it a force acting upon us? It might seem ridiculous to question the existence of something that radically shapes our lives – our days, hours, minutes, our life span, our grandparents, our grandchildren.

Einstein’s teacher and contemporary Hermann Minkowski offered his vision of space-time as a single thing, a four-dimensional block in which the past and the future are just like spatial dimensions, with a north and a south. Some physicists say there is no distinction between the past and the future, and that time is a dimension just like space.

This seems at odds with what we feel, which is that the past has happened and the future is not yet determined. The future and the past are different to us, but in physics they’re the same. Gleick’s realization in the face of the multiple hypotheses on time is that just as our feeling about the stability of the surface we walk on is not so simple, our perception of time may also be radically more complex than we think. At this point, every expert’s ideas in this debate are provisional, but we have an obligation to take these ideas seriously.

James Gleick’s most recent book is Time Travel: A History.


“Consciousness is the answer” by Mike Zonta, H.W., M.


So what’s the question?

The question is:  “What the hell do we do now?”

Consciousness (or more correctly, a lack of Consciousness) got us into the problem and Consciousness will get us out.

Lack of Consciousness gets us into all sorts of problems.  Believing we are limited, physical man who has a mind rather than being Mind itself is the problem and it leads us to a life of disease, disharmony, egocentricity, war, want, injustice and unhappiness.

Consciousness opens us to a world of health, harmony, ego deflation, peace, fullness, justice and happiness.

Lack of Consciousness can  lead to a Donald Trump presidency.  Lack of Consciousness (or enough to swing the Electoral College) decided that we needed a strong man to “make America great again.”

It’s interesting to note that Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote is continuing to grow and could reach over 2 million voters.  And that’s indicative of the American people’s state of mind.  We do not believe in White supremacy.  We do not believe in male supremacy.  We do not believe in heteronormativity.  We do not believe in fascism.

Well, you’re just talking about identity politics, you may say.  Yes, it is all about identity.  And the point of teachers such as Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha Siddhartha, Socrates, and schools of study such as The Prosperos is that, while it may appear that we are physical humans with a limited brain and limited lifespan, our real identity is Consciousness, that is, Being itself.

Because as Descartes said, “Cogito, ergo sum” or “Je pense, donc je suis” or “I think, therefore I am.”  It takes awareness to realize anything and at the most basic level, it takes awareness to realize beingness.

And a realization of beingness in our lives brings about what might be called divine intervention.  But the divine intervention comes not from some God in the sky, but from the God within us all, from the innate wholeness within each of us.

This divine intervention can even take on a Trump presidency.

As Christopher Fry says in his poem “A Sleep of Prisoners”:

         Thank God our time is now when wrong
         Comes up to face us everywhere,
         Never to leave us till we take
         The longest stride of soul men ever took.

         Affairs are now soul size.
        The enterprise is exploration into God.

Many Prosperos are concerned that we must preserve the teachings of The Prosperos (Cosmic Intention Therapy, Advance Seminar, Translation, Releasing the Hidden Splendour, Self-Encounter, and so on) for future generations.

I think even more important is that we utilize them.

“A blatant testimonial” by Suzanne Deakins, H.W., M. (title by Mike Zonta)


Three months ago Robert McEwen and I started on a journey  to find him housing. He had lost his apartment and was living on the street. Portland is notorious for not having affordable housing. A one bedroom in my part of town goes for $1500 and up. Low-income housing is simply very scarce.

With the help of other Translators, we kept working on the situation. Each step seemed arduous, paper work and more paper work. It felt at times like we were being buried. We kept at the Translating. He was number 55 on the list in my building. the apartment across from me opened up and we kept our fingers crossed. But a very nice lady moved in. All at once we heard an apartment on the 4th floor had opened up. More translating and paperwork.

Well, Robert moved from number 55 to #1 on the list. We worked on the idea of lists are deceiving, etc.

One week ago Robert moved into a beautiful apartment with a bay window looking out to the mountains and trees in Portland. Yesterday we were able to go to the Community Warehouse and for 50 dollars get him a bed, two comfy chairs, a beautiful chest, lamps etc.

My point is that Translation does work, but not always the way we think it will but it unlocks doors we did not know existed. Continuous work to clarify our thinking, tenaciousness, and in some cases pure stubbornness wins the day.

One whack at a problem or one Translation often does not work, because there are tentacles that must be understood or clarified connected to each sense testimony. I feel the simpler the sense testimony the easier it is to see the path that needs to be dealt with.

Robert is a testament to Translation and the work he did.

Suzanne Deakins, Ph.D., H.W.M.

“Healing Our Community and Country” by Suzanne Deakins


Suzanne’s column on PQ Monthly:

This is being written before the election. By the time you read this the election outcome will have been decided. No matter how we voted it does not matter. A nation is not healed because of its leaders. What is going to heal us as a nation is not more rhetoric, but an outrages idea of compassion and love.

Nothing we do, study, meditate, pray, or Translate has any meaning unless we take what we have learned about love to another level. This is more than loving your brother or sister; this is about infusing our consciousness with love and compassion to the extent that our leaders can lead with love.

It doesn’t matter what party you belong to, or who you voted for. What matters is that you have the courage to stand up and ask for a leadership, which is based on love and compassion for the citizens of our country. This is a risk, because you will be going against the very grain of what many think this country needs.

We have allowed our minds to be captive to those who would tell us we will be happy if we have more jobs, more money, more, more, and more. What ails this country has nothing to do with the economics it has to do with us allowing our minds to be captive to greed and prejudice. We have allowed our thinking to be void of purpose and meaning that comes through love and compassion. The fear and angst is generated by an apparent vision that democracy is failing. The emotional state (fear of loosing control and power) of a country and communities is not small idea. It causes rebellions, violence, and destruction. We need to do something about the level of inequality in this country. This is not about socialism or communism but about making a kind of capitalism that also works for people at the bottom end of society.

As a country and a group we must reconcile what we feel is right with the agenda of those who are elected. To regain a sense of control and power we will need our governments, local and nationally, to show us that the citizens, the nation, and communities well being are foremost in the agendas. We must see them reconcile the divisiveness with reality. As individuals we can reclaim our sense of power and control by joining local groups that are facing issues such as inequality in income and housing and unjust laws. When we feel we are effective in our efforts we become empowered and our stress and fear levels drop. We can facilitate reconciliation between ideas and dogmas by showing compassion and listening to others with as little prejudice as we can muster.

I purpose we stand up and take our neighbors hand, standing together we let others know we are willing to take the risk, to be courageous. We don’t need to shout, “I am not going to take it any more.” We need to say I love you, and I carry you in my heart. We say it to our neighbors and our leaders, until they hear us. We say it the morning and the evening and on the mountains and in the valleys. We say it until we break the chains of fear and greed. We say it until every child is loved, feed, and free to find joy. We say it until every person is free of the shackles of fear aggression drives. We say it until no mind, no leader, no country can resist the nature of reality, Love/Truth.

Only in this is there ever a healing. The divisiveness of this electoral season has driven us to a new level of stress and worry. It is only through compassion and love that we will heal. Victor Frankle a noted psychologist, who survived the holocaust, found that those who survived and were able to create a life after the concentration camps were those who could relate to loving someone, or an ideal greater than their ego or the need to be right. In this they found purpose.

There are no right or wrong paths in life. Only when we embrace something greater than our own ego and greed are we healed. It is only when we no longer swallow the bitter pills and infuse our very soul with love and compassion that any of us ever heal.

Say it, say it to one another… Say you love each other, say it to me. Write it on your forehead, write it in your mind, in the sand of the shore, shout it to the mountains, sing it in the valleys until every person in our community, outside of community, state, nation, and world knows it to be so that we are a community of love and compassion.

Suzanne’s new book When God Whispers is now available on

“Authentic Gratitude” by Suzanne Deakins, H.W., M.


Gratitude is more than being thankful for what you have. Authentic gratitude is a foundation of consciousness a way of constructing your life. Genuine gratitude lays a foundation for your ability to accept and embrace higher mind, God/Truth, and consciousness.  Without gratitude, life seems to be without purpose and meaning. We drift from one desire to the next never feeling fulfilled or satisfied by the reality we encounter.

If we think of consciousness, being aware of our actions and interactions as the language of life we can liken gratitude and forgiveness to the verbs or movement of all life. Authentic gratitude is a state of acceptance of our consciousness and our creator source, God/Truth. If we can’t relate to something that is beyond what our senses tell us, we keep desiring, wanting, and remain meaningless in our life.

Gratitude is not saying thank you to something outside of your self but rather a state of consciousness where you accept your nature as being the same as the creator source. Where you realize that your consciousness, how you see, perceive, and embrace life writes the stories you live. If you use the verb of gratitude, your life is filled with joy and acceptance. You find that there is little desire other than staying present embracing the reality of absolute love.  By staying present in a state of gratitude you let go of a painful past, allow the fantasy of desiring future go. In a state of gratitude, you experience the totality of reality… That God/Truth is all there is… and you are consciousness of this aware of itself as the consciousness.

© Suzanne Deakins

From Intentional Consciousness

Suzanne Deakins, Ph.D., H.W.M.