“Consciousness is the answer” by Mike Zonta, H.W., M.


So what’s the question?

The question is:  “What the hell do we do now?”

Consciousness (or more correctly, a lack of Consciousness) got us into the problem and Consciousness will get us out.

Lack of Consciousness gets us into all sorts of problems.  Believing we are limited, physical man who has a mind rather than being Mind itself is the problem and it leads us to a life of disease, disharmony, egocentricity, war, want, injustice and unhappiness.

Consciousness opens us to a world of health, harmony, ego deflation, peace, fullness, justice and happiness.

Lack of Consciousness can  lead to a Donald Trump presidency.  Lack of Consciousness (or enough to swing the Electoral College) decided that we needed a strong man to “make America great again.”

It’s interesting to note that Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote is continuing to grow and could reach over 2 million voters.  And that’s indicative of the American people’s state of mind.  We do not believe in White supremacy.  We do not believe in male supremacy.  We do not believe in heteronormativity.  We do not believe in fascism.

Well, you’re just talking about identity politics, you may say.  Yes, it is all about identity.  And the point of teachers such as Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha Siddhartha, Socrates, and schools of study such as The Prosperos is that, while it may appear that we are physical humans with a limited brain and limited lifespan, our real identity is Consciousness, that is, Being itself.

Because as Descartes said, “Cogito, ergo sum” or “Je pense, donc je suis” or “I think, therefore I am.”  It takes awareness to realize anything and at the most basic level, it takes awareness to realize beingness.

And a realization of beingness in our lives brings about what might be called divine intervention.  But the divine intervention comes not from some God in the sky, but from the God within us all, from the innate wholeness within each of us.

This divine intervention can even take on a Trump presidency.

As Christopher Fry says in his poem “A Sleep of Prisoners”:

         Thank God our time is now when wrong
         Comes up to face us everywhere,
         Never to leave us till we take
         The longest stride of soul men ever took.

         Affairs are now soul size.
        The enterprise is exploration into God.

Many Prosperos are concerned that we must preserve the teachings of The Prosperos (Cosmic Intention Therapy, Advance Seminar, Translation, Releasing the Hidden Splendour, Self-Encounter, and so on) for future generations.

I think even more important is that we utilize them.

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  1. Mike,
    I LOVE your “Consciousness is the Answer”. Please write more (a book even) and intersperse (sp?) lots of stories for heart-based juice that makes the intellectual leap (to understand Consciousness) really possible.

    Love you,

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