“A blatant testimonial” by Suzanne Deakins, H.W., M. (title by Mike Zonta)


Three months ago Robert McEwen and I started on a journey  to find him housing. He had lost his apartment and was living on the street. Portland is notorious for not having affordable housing. A one bedroom in my part of town goes for $1500 and up. Low-income housing is simply very scarce.

With the help of other Translators, we kept working on the situation. Each step seemed arduous, paper work and more paper work. It felt at times like we were being buried. We kept at the Translating. He was number 55 on the list in my building. the apartment across from me opened up and we kept our fingers crossed. But a very nice lady moved in. All at once we heard an apartment on the 4th floor had opened up. More translating and paperwork.

Well, Robert moved from number 55 to #1 on the list. We worked on the idea of lists are deceiving, etc.

One week ago Robert moved into a beautiful apartment with a bay window looking out to the mountains and trees in Portland. Yesterday we were able to go to the Community Warehouse and for 50 dollars get him a bed, two comfy chairs, a beautiful chest, lamps etc.

My point is that Translation does work, but not always the way we think it will but it unlocks doors we did not know existed. Continuous work to clarify our thinking, tenaciousness, and in some cases pure stubbornness wins the day.

One whack at a problem or one Translation often does not work, because there are tentacles that must be understood or clarified connected to each sense testimony. I feel the simpler the sense testimony the easier it is to see the path that needs to be dealt with.

Robert is a testament to Translation and the work he did.

Suzanne Deakins, Ph.D., H.W.M.

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