“Authentic Gratitude” by Suzanne Deakins, H.W., M.


Gratitude is more than being thankful for what you have. Authentic gratitude is a foundation of consciousness a way of constructing your life. Genuine gratitude lays a foundation for your ability to accept and embrace higher mind, God/Truth, and consciousness.  Without gratitude, life seems to be without purpose and meaning. We drift from one desire to the next never feeling fulfilled or satisfied by the reality we encounter.

If we think of consciousness, being aware of our actions and interactions as the language of life we can liken gratitude and forgiveness to the verbs or movement of all life. Authentic gratitude is a state of acceptance of our consciousness and our creator source, God/Truth. If we can’t relate to something that is beyond what our senses tell us, we keep desiring, wanting, and remain meaningless in our life.

Gratitude is not saying thank you to something outside of your self but rather a state of consciousness where you accept your nature as being the same as the creator source. Where you realize that your consciousness, how you see, perceive, and embrace life writes the stories you live. If you use the verb of gratitude, your life is filled with joy and acceptance. You find that there is little desire other than staying present embracing the reality of absolute love.  By staying present in a state of gratitude you let go of a painful past, allow the fantasy of desiring future go. In a state of gratitude, you experience the totality of reality… That God/Truth is all there is… and you are consciousness of this aware of itself as the consciousness.

© Suzanne Deakins

From Intentional Consciousness

Suzanne Deakins, Ph.D., H.W.M.




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