“The Melchizedek Creed” from Thane’s Find Yourself and Live Lesson #19 – “This is the Day”

“Thou great Eternal, Thou great unbounded whole,
Thy body is the Universe, thy Spirit is its soul; If
thou dost fill immensity, if thou art All-in-All,
Then I’m in Thee and Thou in me, or I’m not here at all.
How can I be outside of Thee, when Thou fillest earth and air?
There surely is no place for me, outside of everywhere,
If Thou art all– if Thou dost fill immensity of space,
Then I’m in Thee and Thou in me, or else I have no place.
And, if l have no place at all, what am I doing here?
Beyond the All, I cannot be, outside of everywhere;
Then, truly in Thyself am I, and Thou must be in me,
or else there is no All-in-All, no Thee, no me, to be.
But, now, I claim thy Spirit free, thy perfect life and Soul,
The very thought of this great truth makes me this moment whole;
This very hour look I deep, and vision high to see,
That Christ within — the perfect Self – art Thou! and I am Thee!”

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