A straw poll has been initiated to gauge the preferences of The Prosperos High Watch for the new Dean.

High Watch members can voice their preferences at the High Watch monthly meeting on Sunday, June 26, at 9 a.m. Pacific time via Zoom or they can email their preference to Pam Rodolph, Secretary-Treasurer of the High Watch, at pam.rodolph@theprosperos.org before that June 26 meeting.

High Watch Zoom link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85701064371

Meeting ID: 857 0106 4371

The two active candidates are William Fennie, H.W., M., and Mike Zonta, H.W., M.

Mike Zonta, H.W., M.

Information about Mike’s platform and bio can be located here: https://bathtubbulletin.com/zonta-nominates-himself-for-dean-of-the-prosperos/

William Fennie, H.W., M.

Information about William’s outlook and bio can be found here: https://www.theprosperos.org/dean

As outlined in the By-Laws of The Prosperos, a new Dean will be elected at the annual meeting of the trustees in September 2022.

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