Zonta nominates Himself for Dean of The Prosperos

Mike Zonta, H.W., M.

I am nominating myself for the position of Dean of The Prosperos.  

Here is my platform:

I will push for a rotating deanship on an annual basis for three years (or three rotations, whichever comes first), eventually allowing the Executive Council as a whole to take over the position and duties of the Dean.

I will push for the trustees to have nine active members.  And that any trustee who misses three consecutive meetings will be asked to leave the board.

I will push for veto override of the Executive Council for both the trustees and the High Watch.  At nine members, a vote of six trustees would override a veto of the Executive Council.  A vote of 2/3rds of the paid-up members of the High Watch would override a veto of the Executive Council.

Appropriate changes in the By-Law or Charter will be required to reflect these changes.

My resume:

I joined The Prosperos in 1969 through my co-worker and friend Calvin Harris.  In the ’70s I was an active organizer and speaker for the Thursday Night Open Meetings.  I also presented many monitor tape classes, at one point presenting a monitor tape series at our home on Ocean Front Walk in Santa Monica which attracted 20 people for the final class.  For a few years, I was in charge of the High Watch Translation Service (and I still process requests for the HWTS when I receive them via email.)

In 1978 I moved to San Francisco and was very active in the local Prosperos San Francisco group, giving talks and a few monitor classes, and attending the weekly Translation group hosted by Billye Talmadge, H.W., M., and Marcia Herndon, H.W., M..  In 1985, I co-founded the Metaphysical Alliance, a group of people interested in metaphysical healing to address the AIDS crisis in this city.  We held monthly forums, the most popular being the “AIDS Survivors and Thrivers” series at which long-term survivors of AIDS told their stories.  We also sponsored speakers like Louise Hay and Gerald Jampolsky and we began a worldwide 7 pm. meditation for people with AIDS. 

In 2008, at the inspiration of fellow Prospero Sarah Flynn, we began the Bathtub Bulletin, an alternative to The Prosperos Newsletter, which includes inspiring posts on consciousness, sexuality, androgyny, futurism, space, art, music, physics, astrology, democracy, photography, books, movies, humor and more.  Contributions from fellow Prosperos are welcome and often. Along with our Bathtub Bulletin on Facebook page, we now have a daily viewership of around 120 to 170 per day.  And we always post upcoming activities of The Prosperos.

Academically speaking, I got a BA in Humanities and an MA in Humanities and Leadership from New College of California in 1995 and 1998, respectively.  And as a “lifelong learner” at City College of San Francisco, l received certificates in paralegal studies, French and digital media.

For many years I hosted the Monday Night Tape Group which listened to tapes by Thane including FYL, the 4th Way and anything else we could get our hands on.  I also began a Sunday Night Translation Group which is still ongoing.  

A few years ago, I facilitated and participated in the online Tag Team Fall Series in which various Prosperos teachers presented lessons in the foundation classes of The Prosperos..

And for many years I acted as the organizer of the rotating Sunday Meeting talks and gave several talks myself.

Recently, a few of us began a weekly Ukraine Emergency Translation Group which meets every Friday to Translate this crisis and any other surrounding sense testimonies.  

Lately, I’ve also become involved with Ben Gilberti, H.W., M., in the study of Bohm dialogue groups.  In pursuit of this attempt at group dynamics,I recently attended a meeting of the Interfaith Empathy Café (also called Empathy Circles) online at which nine of us from the U.S, the Netherlands, and Australia discussed the apparent divisiveness in religion and politics through a method of speaking and active listening which Ben and I hope to bring to The Prosperos.  

I am a former trustee of The Prosperos, now a fellow.

My vision for the school:

My vision is the platform I outlined above.  I think a more democratic and group-centered school will have a greater appeal to prospective students and veteran students alike.  I’m especially excited by the Empathy Circles and Bohm Dialogue groups which hold great promise for learning how to overcome the cult of the individual which we in the West have swallowed hook, line and sinker.

And by overcoming the cult of the individual, we can access the ontological reality within us all which knows the answers to our problems and which can guide us towards our Cosmic Intention.

Mike Zonta, H.W., M.
San Francisco, CA

3 thoughts on “Zonta nominates Himself for Dean of The Prosperos”

  1. First, good luck!

    I am all for better governance practices. However, I don’t see how your ideas, without judging their merits for governance, will make a bit of difference for new students or attracting new students. And that is because new students are focused on classes and possible community, and are oblivious to the rules of governance.

    I understand your position with respect to the bylaws, etc., namely that governance should be shared in the community, not concentrated within the Dean and Exec. Councel, as Thane wanted. However, while your ideas re. the bylaws may be good ones, shouldn’t a prospective Dean have a vision for the spiritual development of the School? I would not expect this to be presented as a platform, but if you have some specific ideas for how to, for example, broaden the concerns of the School to include topics, such as mediation or other such practices, in addition to or in conjunction with Thane’s teachings, this would be a good thing to suggest needs thinking about.

    But making it public doesn’t really matter, does it? Who gets to vote? And the vote is not public is it?

  2. My point is that we should not rely on one person for having a vision for the school. We should all be visionaries, in that sense. My vision is self-governance by group decision-making. You say this will not make a bit of difference to the new student. Au contraire, mon ami They may not be consciously aware of our group governance, but at some level it will be influential in their participation with us or their non-participation.

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