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Take a moment to accept the feelings you’re experiencing

Now and then it’s good to take a moment to accept the feelings you’re experiencing because feelings change faster when they’re accepted. Change that comes from accepting feelings is guided by an inner compass that has a far greater sense of what is right than our conscious minds.

This is also good to do just before doing an RHS (for those of you who know that practice).

The Essential Knowing Nature of Being

Your originally pure, empty nature (“I exist”) cannot be disputed. In its pure state, the essential knowing nature of mind is pure knowing, but without “knowledge.” It is like a radiant void that spontaneously, intrinsically, and mysteriously knows. When you discover this, and you strengthen your recognition and conviction about it, something changes in the organism—a re-wiring, or purification, happens. The more empty and pure your perception becomes, the more naturally and automatically you are able to recognize the indivisible power that is manifesting itself as you. In this video, Bentinho encourages you to practice direct investigation so that your sense of perception will purify itself and become more transparent to the way things are—actually and indisputably.

Bentinho’s teachings contain the essence of all major spiritual paths but zero in on what works and ignore what does not.

Decoding Jung’s Metaphysics: The Archetypal Semantics of an Experiential Universe

More than an insightful psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung was the twentieth century’s greatest articulator of the primacy of mind in nature, a view whose origins vanish behind the mists of time. Underlying Jung’s extraordinary body of work, and providing a foundation for it, there is a broad and sophisticated system of metaphysical thought. This system, however, is only implied in Jung’s writings, so as to shield his scientific persona from accusations of philosophical speculation. The present book scrutinizes Jung’s work to distill and reveal that extraordinary, hidden metaphysical treasure: for Jung, mind, and world are one and the same entity; reality is fundamentally experiential, not material; the psyche builds and maintains its body, not the other way around; and the ultimate meaning of our sacrificial lives is to serve God by providing a reflecting mirror to God’s own instinctive mentation. Embodied in this compact volume is a journey of discovery through Jungian thoughtscapes never before revealed with the depth, force, and scholarly rigor you are about to encounter.

Decoding Jung’s Metaphysics: The Archetypal Semantics of an Experiential Universe