“Understanding Victims” by Suzanne Deakins, H.W., M.

Consciousness is indeed the causer of reality in my experience and understanding of the universe.  But to me consciousness and reality are not as simple as saying here it is, I created it.  Understanding that consciousness, our consciousness creates the reality we live in is the end result of our work, not a beginning place. All of us deal with many levels of constructs in our unconsciousness that bring about realities that we may not understand as belonging to us.

It is my experience that part of the work we must each do is release the memories and characters in our reality that have played the roles in our life that keep us from freeing our consciousness to know something different or have a more wholistic experience. In each memory/incident from our past, we all remain victims, until we see it differently.

There are no easy answers to murder, prejudice, mayhem, abuse or sexual misconduct. In my work I find that there are several things that happen with abuse, death, and misconduct.

Combined result is a product that is not achieved bIn the laws of nature, we have something called the dynamics of the group. Meaning the consciousness of the group is greater and often different than individual consciousness.  This is also an explainable law in science. For instance, a molecule of water joined to a molecule of zinc has an outcome that is much different than the individual molecules would indicate. They either on an individual basis. And so it is with the consciousness in a group situation.  (Any gathering of two or more is a group.)

The victim and victimizer in a situation may be neither before the meeting. And like molecules, we each have our tendencies (understandings) that must be present for the incident to happen. I do not believe that any of this demands a conscious choice to be abused, murdered or even wanting it to happen someplace back in our unconsciousness.

A child that is sexually abused has characteristics of behavior (a seed of the idea in their consciousness that is attractive to the victimizer (like a bee attracted to a flower).  Each situation is different but the signs are there. This does not make the victim a victim by choice; neither does it dispel their predilection in the situation. The law of attraction also plays a part in this scenario. That is certain areas of consciousness that are automatically attracted to others because of the characteristics present.

By understanding our consciousness and what draws us to certain situations (group gatherings) or what repels us to others, we empower ourselves to have a destiny we consciously choose.

This all takes me back to the death and abuse of young children. How do they have the memories or characteristics to join in the consciousness that plays out in the dynamic of a group?  It is my experience that a child is “attached” to the parents or prominent caregiver. If the mother/caregiver has a characteristic of abuse that is attractive to an abuser this is passed to the young child. (“Sins of the Fathers are visited upon the children”) We know that abuse runs in families and is rarely an isolated case. Just as we give genes to our children so do we give attitudes, perceptions, and states of consciousness.

For me, these are not karmic events and neither does it mean the mother/father major caregiver wanted the child to be abused. It simply means the seed of abuse resided in the unconscious mind. The same with the death of a child, it does not mean the child chose the death or even understood it as an adult would. It means the seed of child-loss resided in the consciousness that child was attached to.  I do not believe the child must have had an incident or memory or even stress to succumb to these events.  There are some laws of chaos and random events in mathematics that can also explain this in science.

Victims need to know they were victims. Being a victim takes away personal power and our spiritual voice. Victimhood can lead to serious physical illness. Remaining in a state of victimhood can be life threatening. For me, and many others the only way of out victimhood has been through understanding consciousness and what resides in our unconscious mind.

I do not feel a person chooses to be raped or abused. The lack of choice does not make her or him any more a victim than anyone in any other situation. Rape and abuse of all kinds takes away a spiritual voice. It is difficult to understand why we ended up in that situation. Somewhere, somehow we had the seed of rape in our unconscious mind that made us attractive to someone with a victimizer seed.  This does not relinquish the legal aspect of rape nor does it mean that the perpetrator should not be punished. It is the only way I have found that frees us to take back our life and spiritual power. We regain our power when we recognize how consciousness is playing out and our part in it.

By recognizing the seeds we have in our unconscious mind we are freed to gain our spiritual voice. We are released into a state of Splendour knowing we are the children (seeds) of Truth/God.

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Suzanne Deakins, Ph.D., H.W.M.




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