The first step of RHS

Sometimes I see things on TV or read about things in the news about the horrific childhoods some people have endured and I ask myself how I would or could ever possibly RHS a situation such as that.

For students of Releasing the Hidden Splendour (RHS), there’s also a first step, just like there is in a Translation.  [For a brief summary of these classes, see the “Mentors and Classes” tab on this site.]  A Translation begins with the first step statement of being so that we begin a Translation, not as some woe-begotten schmuck, but as an expression of Infinite Mind, whole, complete and perfect in every respect.

It’s important to begin an RHS this way as well because it immediately puts the lie to whatever claim we may believe about who did what do whom.  If we start out an RHS on the basis of wholeness already arrived, then we can undermine much more easily the claims of our inner child of the past when it gets to the point where we need to do that.

We still have to proceed with the accusation, of course, but identifying at the outset wth our ontological reality begs the question:  How did an expression of Infinite Mine get caught up in this nonsense in the first place?  Is Infinite Mind subject to poor parenting?  Does Infinite Mind feel under-appreciated, abused or spoiled?  Probably not.

The accusation then becomes the psychodrama it needs to be, with the emphasis on drama.  And just like with any drama, we eventually arrive at a denouement, which is to say we end up where we started from, with the realization that our real identity is as an expression of Infinite Mind and certainly not some character caught up in some drama which is anything but whole, complete and perfect.

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