The Delightful Revelation of The Truth | Rupert Spira & Henry Shukman (Part 2)

“The teaching is fulfilled, not when it’s aped or mimicked, but when it becomes somebody’s own.”

“The truth needs to be reformatted for every generation.”

–Henry Shukman and Rupert Spira

Rupert Spira Jun 26, 2022 Each one of us goes through a unique journey in the revelation of the truth or search for lasting happiness. In this wonderful conversation, Rupert Spira and acclaimed English poet and writer Henry Shukman discuss the process of surrender, or giving yourself to something utterly impersonal, that is experienced through spiritual and other traditions. “The forms that we inherit in the different traditions, such as koans and mantras are the repositories of generations of understanding, and if you subject yourself to that form you are opening yourself to receiving the generations of understanding that have impregnated that form. That’s why practices and trainings are so powerful and why they last generation after generation.” This conversation is moderated by Guru Viking.

The first conversation titled ‘Spirituality and Art’ can be listened to here:

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