Tarot Card for September 29: The Prince of Cups

The Prince of Cups

Men represented by this card are complex and powerful beings. They are self-contained – even secretive – giving an impression of calmness and serenity. However under that veneer they can often be intense and volatile. They tend to hide their deepest passions, and to protect them fiercely.

They are often creative – artistically or musically inclined, and have deep involvement in these areas. Many of the more successful artists and musicians in our lives would come up as a Prince of Cups.

Emotionally they can sometimes be turbulent and moody, but can also often hide their emotions and refuse to share them with others. However, having a highly developed sensitivity to emotional ups and downs, they will identify yours even before you have. Talking to somebody like this about emotional matters is usually a rewarding experience, because they are highly perceptive and use their intuition readily.

If this card comes up to indicate an alteration in a person’s behaviour, it will generally indicate a man moving into a new romantic relationship and feeling somewhat troubled by this. The Knight is the card that comes up to indicate a man happily falling in love.

Look for surrounding cards to clarify whether any misgivings are justified – for instance, the Moon or the Seven of Cups would be warnings of danger; also look at whether cards like the Seven of Swords or the Seven of Disks come up – these may indicate inner personal worries that will only cause problems if allowed to.

The Prince of Cups

(via angelpaths.com and Alan Blackman)

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