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Sunday Night Translation <3.

Translation is Dr. Thane Walker’s love child, expressed, manifested to his belief’s, all of us<3.

Error about the truth, sense testimony; People are confused and afraid of consciousness, God, infinite mind, because they don’t know what it is and it’s intimidating?

Conclusion’s; 1) Truth is one dweller, certain, unaffrayed, unafraid, God being all or nothing at all, being Infinite Mind or no mind at all, knowing Itself exactly for what it is.Truth is one dweller, certain, unaffrayed, unafraid, God being all or nothing at all, being Infinite Mind or no mind at all.

2) There is One I We Thou Universal Integrity, the Al Powerful, All Knowing All Presence Truth Consciousness in agreement being all there is.

3) Truth being intimately organic heritage, inherent omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotencey, self observing, self aware consciousness radically focused on it’s own universal all encompassing love expressly manifested.


Sunday night Translation <3.

Aloha all; Thane of Hawaii brought to his environment love, commitment, grace, self confrontation, validation, listening, self observing,  and community. Above all this he brought Translation, RHS ing, 60 sec self instruction exercise. Action begets it’s own answer’s, guidance, and challenges from within, as does practicing these three radical tools <3. Sunday night’s Translation had a rather interesting circumstance, the four of us couldn’t connect at all? I called Mike Z. and his computer wouldn’t let him on skype, mine neither, setting new password, etc.. We finally after another 30 minutes succeeded in connecting :>). Thus;

Sense testimony; Corporate interference into the private affairs of the citizenry is unwanted and unwarranted.

Conclusions ; 1) Truth is one betweennessless corporation/citizenry whose only business is the doing of Truth.

2) All private privilege is universal integrity principle truth soundly purely agreeably creating and governing all I/we/thou that is.

3) Working whole is the consciousness formless thinking force, principle of sound eternal love.

4) Truth being organically innate geometric symphysis; universal sacred oath, omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotencey, governing business commonwealth all and everything androgynous identity.

Sunday night Translation <3

Aloha all, seems as though constant reminder’s throughout the day is both needed and necessary for non vacillation of identities, isn’t it? And the very act of waking from sleep is the most obvious starting place, don’t you think? Perhaps to Translate and or make a commitment to say the word’s with conviction that I am choosing to (be) this or that personage I choose, with my imagination without triggers, because the triggers are (not) you, only adopted because we didn’t know any better, did we?

Sense testimony: Separating from Mother’s/Father’s limitations can be difficult?

Conclusion’s; 1) Truth is the realization of the integrity of birth less/deathless being.

2) Abundant Self Evident Powerful Knowing Presence Truth I Am is the only Father Mother Child Infinitely creating/governing all there is.

3) I am present perfection doing reality now.

4) Truth being ultimate self observing identity, limitless-faceted and jovial omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotencie, innately effortless and simple deathless, birth less being.

Sunday night Translation <3

Aloha all, Translation is an intimate relationship with the absolute, connecting, bridging the conscious and unconscious in a alterable relationship which is our innate right, capacity, and responsibility and it goes without saying an extreme organically radical pleasure.

Groups sense testimony; Organizing one’s responsibilities allows plenty of play time.

Conclusions : 1) Truth is a coherent unity whose only function is the call and response (the male and female) of (weightless) play.

2) You have all the time in the universe.

3) There is one powerful knowing presence of Truth I Am fully playing permitting agreeing pleasing all there is.

4) Truth captivates the imagination being incomprehensible, immeasurable, androgynous identity, prioritizing it’s own all and everything the universal playwright in motion.

Sunday Night Translation <3

Aloha all’ yall, ever notice when anyone share’s an idea, theory, or practice that they themselves created and used towards a better definition, understanding of the their own experience’s, same as Thane’s Translation? Our human equation mind begin’s immediately trying to (opinion-ize) same, throwing out resistance toward’s making that which is a wheel, into a better wheel? However Thane originated Translation, and perfected same far beyond any other idea’s put forth, to this day? Thus the only deficiency in Translation is (not) doing the Translating, isn’t it? Thus same as all great leader’s, teacher’s of the way, is simply to (listen) apply, and practice, isn’t it?

Sense Testimony- the lie about the truth already established; Myself and others impede or block my way.

Conclusion’s; 1) Truth/Consciousness is one Self, married to Itself, proceeding without impediment or repudiation.

2) I AM I consciousness, unchangeable, constant Beingness, the ever lasting Way of life.

3)The Truth is I am the Vivacious Agreeable Way Always and Everywhere knowingly powerfully present.

4)Truth being the arch-way organically innate obvious intuitively knowing it’s own character substantially supporting life itself I am that I am identity it’s own intimate relationship.

Sunday night Translation <3

Translation seem’s to be more intense and freeing, escaping, as we Translator’s constantly being reminded of same’s power to transcend our ghost’s of human equation mind, lie’s and misinterpretation’s of our environment.

Lying sense testimony; The soma can betray people and feel like it’s separate from understanding consciousness.

Conclusion’s : 1) Soma/substance (that which stands under appearance) can only betray/reveal itself as consciousness/understanding (that which stands under appearance). Short version: Substance is understanding.

2) There is one body of Universal Integrity the power knowing presence ably expressing abundant harmonious beautiful agreement everywhere always.

3) The inseparable whole is the I am that I am, an energy converter, the capacity to create and govern thoughts, in understanding consciousness.

4) Truth being absolute innate self identity substantiates resolute communication embodying universal principled nectar, qualities and characteristics, understanding it’s own self observed awareness of consciousness conscious of consciousness.


Sunday night Translation, yes<3

Aloha all, Translator’s and non-translator’s. Acquiescing to Translate is quintessential to escaping our erroneous human equation mentation, is it not? Thus tonight’s sense testimony is?

Sense testimony;  If emotions can’t complete their value they express as depression, anger, and frustration for all concerned.

Wonderful conclusion’s; 1) Truth is faultless emotion, expressing wholeness, wellness, strength, value; effortless, irresistible, mindful, unavoidable, involving everyone and everything.

2) The Universal Integrity of Truth is Self Evident, always fully known, always fully powerful, always fully present in each and every individuation, relationship, experience and Totality. 2.a.) Powerful Knowing Presence is all there is.

3) Truth being innately organic androgynous quintessential omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotencey, self explained energy force having the only necessary relationship being I am that I am, individuated expression, truth’s only identity in motion. 3.a) Truth screams it’s universal principled presence in all and everything.

Sunday night Translation experience.

Once on while Translation is a challenging practice, joined with new revelation’s of consciousness <3

Sense Testimony; My left side and specifically my left foot are causing me pain. Added by me; ( left foot, right wrist, and spinal column are causing me pain?)

Conclusion’s;  1) Truth, inclusive of all, stands alone, never abandoned, never left out, paid in full.

2) Truth characterized by it’s own majestic backbone being unrestrained energy flow harmoniously communicating total, whole, complete ecstatic movement innately omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotencey.

Sunday night Translation <3.

This for some reason was a particularly difficult theme to Translate? Has taken a week to get my heart, gut into same? Perhaps more clarification is needed?

Sense testimony; Giving power to unscrupulous authority’s perpetuates financial political system’s which are not responsive to peoples need’s?

Conclusion’s;  1) Truth is all-powerful, scrupulous authority, limitless wealth, thoroughly engaged with and governing and being responsive to every iota of Itself.

2) Truth accept’s it’s own I thou innate organic harmony being one infinite total, whole, complete ecstatic construct clearly perceiving all and everything as gratifying gratitude which is it’s own majestically betrothed expression.

2,a.) Truth being the ultimate betrothed power consisting of constant transformative energy acting according to it’s own universal principle culminating in universal citizenship being the perfect marital management.

Sunday night Translation <3

Aloha all, Sunday night Translation is a fabulous adventure into a new consciousness and thus a new week as well. Translation is like (ruffles have ridges), remember can’t eat just one? Do one Translation and then another and another into infinitude. Tonight we as a group thought it great to Translate all three advanced seminar sense testimony’s into one :>).

Sense testimony; Some persons are less motivated and are therefore inferior, less intelligent or more confused than other people.

Conclusion’s ; 1) Truth is the personification of infinite awareness in infinite variety, the similarity in apparent dissimilarities, one substance/intelligence of equal worth in all its manifestations, the satisfaction of desire(s) fulfilled.

2) Truth is all and one being, mind constituted and mind impress, it is ‘I’ pouring I AM I into innate integrity.

3) Truth is magnum opus innately all and everything, alchemically transfused through and throughout all and everything equally, driving itself omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, toward’s it’s own ultimate relationship, marriage.

A.) Truth continuously pour’s itself into it’s own familiar relationship’s, non-dimensional, timeless, intimate current hence, incomprehensible intensity of magnetism being one infinite minded ” I amness”.