Sunday Night Translation <3

Aloha all’ yall, ever notice when anyone share’s an idea, theory, or practice that they themselves created and used towards a better definition, understanding of the their own experience’s, same as Thane’s Translation? Our human equation mind begin’s immediately trying to (opinion-ize) same, throwing out resistance toward’s making that which is a wheel, into a better wheel? However Thane originated Translation, and perfected same far beyond any other idea’s put forth, to this day? Thus the only deficiency in Translation is (not) doing the Translating, isn’t it? Thus same as all great leader’s, teacher’s of the way, is simply to (listen) apply, and practice, isn’t it?

Sense Testimony- the lie about the truth already established; Myself and others impede or block my way.

Conclusion’s; 1) Truth/Consciousness is one Self, married to Itself, proceeding without impediment or repudiation.

2) I AM I consciousness, unchangeable, constant Beingness, the ever lasting Way of life.

3)The Truth is I am the Vivacious Agreeable Way Always and Everywhere knowingly powerfully present.

4)Truth being the arch-way organically innate obvious intuitively knowing it’s own character substantially supporting life itself I am that I am identity it’s own intimate relationship.

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