Sunday night Translation <3

Translation seem’s to be more intense and freeing, escaping, as we Translator’s constantly being reminded of same’s power to transcend our ghost’s of human equation mind, lie’s and misinterpretation’s of our environment.

Lying sense testimony; The soma can betray people and feel like it’s separate from understanding consciousness.

Conclusion’s : 1) Soma/substance (that which stands under appearance) can only betray/reveal itself as consciousness/understanding (that which stands under appearance). Short version: Substance is understanding.

2) There is one body of Universal Integrity the power knowing presence ably expressing abundant harmonious beautiful agreement everywhere always.

3) The inseparable whole is the I am that I am, an energy converter, the capacity to create and govern thoughts, in understanding consciousness.

4) Truth being absolute innate self identity substantiates resolute communication embodying universal principled nectar, qualities and characteristics, understanding it’s own self observed awareness of consciousness conscious of consciousness.


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