Sunday night Translation <3.

This for some reason was a particularly difficult theme to Translate? Has taken a week to get my heart, gut into same? Perhaps more clarification is needed?

Sense testimony; Giving power to unscrupulous authority’s perpetuates financial political system’s which are not responsive to peoples need’s?

Conclusion’s;  1) Truth is all-powerful, scrupulous authority, limitless wealth, thoroughly engaged with and governing and being responsive to every iota of Itself.

2) Truth accept’s it’s own I thou innate organic harmony being one infinite total, whole, complete ecstatic construct clearly perceiving all and everything as gratifying gratitude which is it’s own majestically betrothed expression.

2,a.) Truth being the ultimate betrothed power consisting of constant transformative energy acting according to it’s own universal principle culminating in universal citizenship being the perfect marital management.

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