Translation  is a 5-step system of syllogistic reasoning using words and their meanings and histories to transform the testimony of the senses and uncover the underlying timeless reality of Being/Consciousness.

Translators:  Hanz Bolen, Melissa Goodnight, Richard Branam, Mike Zonta.

Sense testimony:  I desire to be more truly at home.


1)  I/Consciousness/Truth/God am the master of my domain and my domain/my home is Heaven.
2)  One Infinite, Consciousness Beingness, That I AM, is unceasingly expressing the implacable Cosmic Intention that is always already present and dwelling in my Heart.
3)  Truth is I am I Sound Androgynous intimacy Being Infinitely Consciousness Awareness, its own Kingdomly Paradisiacal enchantment, exponentially determined surety Estate of its own Home-Worthy affairs.
4)  To come.

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