Sunday Night Translation Group – 7/29/18

Translators:  Mike Zonta, Melissa Goodnight, Richard Branam

SENSE TESTIMONY:  Value can be appeared or disappeared beyond individual control.

5th Step Conclusions:

  1. Value is one, indivisible/individual all-knowing, all-seeing, all-appearing, the only control in the Universe.
  2. One Infinite, Consciousness Beingness,  That I AM,  is always informing and expressing the  limitless worthiness of perfect principle,  which is the sovereign authority,  continually maintaining rulership dominion overall.
  3. Truth is always Autismical assurance, Being our own Real Estate, self enuring, thriving living life, this I am I, individuated Consciousness awareness emanating its’ own Kingdom of Splendorous well Beingness, always in total control.

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