Translators:  Melissa Goodnight, Richard Branam, Mike Zonta, Hanz Bolen, Alex Gambeau

SENSE TESTIMONY:  Some memories may stay hidden due to the threat of overwhelming emotion when exposed

5th Step Conclusions:

1)  Truth is the harmonious, appropriate, straight-forward, even-handed application of power.

2)  Universal Integrity Truth I WE Thou is the Only Value, Clearly Watching all, knowing all, Full Filling all, in able strong abundant sound well being, instantaneously everywhere.

3)  The I AM I is working Mind, to put order and harmony in the right use of energy.

4)  Truth is All One Infinite Consciousness — the absolutely unencumbered formless force of perfect Mind Being, always inviolably intact and invulnerable, while fully revealing and disclosing itself in every outpicturing individuation..

5)  Truth is Pure similarity, this Assimilating Absolute Capacity Incorporates this Single- Heart-Mindful Habit of Constantly renewing it’s Endeavor oriented Composure, this Exponential Component is Worthy Function Remembering this Fair Witness, Being the Androgynous God Self Identity, I Am that I Am.

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