Scorpio Full Moon, April 29, 2018 at 5:38 pm PDT at 10 degrees

Wendy Cicchetti

The intensity and transformative potential of the Aries New Moon (April 15) peaks at the equally powerful Scorpio Full Moon. The New Moon sparked significant new beginnings, and now the Full Moon reveals what we need to release so that we can bring our ambitious dreams to fruition. Scorpio represents the phase in the creative process that looks more like destruction, but ultimately serves new life. The Moon is in fall in Scorpio, opposite Taurus, her exaltation. While Taurus the Earth Mother brings fertility and abundance, Scorpio is the Dark Mother who clears out what no longer serves us.

Scorpio rules the subconscious, and this Full Moon opens access to the deep inner workings of our psyches. Whatever we’ve been avoiding or suppressing is likely to surface, and we can see what’s undermining our intentions and efforts. This is not a comfortable Full Moon, and we might feel raw, vulnerable, and easily triggered. But the emotional truths and core desires that come to light open doors to greater aliveness and increased intimacy with ourselves, each other, and life itself. Where are we stuck in survival mode, instead of thriving? What is the risk we need to take?

The Moon is moving toward a conjunction with Jupiter, amplifying all Full Moon themes and feelings. We’re called to stretch our hearts wider to feel our full emotional range and love all of ourselves, light and shadow. Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio (March 8 – July 10) takes us on a quest to uncover and reclaim buried treasure — the parts of us that we’ve hidden and that hold our greatest power. Jupiter is almost halfway through its retrograde cycle and more than halfway through Scorpio. This Full Moon sheds light on what we’ve purged, regenerated, or healed during this transit and what we still want to transform.

Despite the discomfort, there are several signs that we can harness these Full Moon energies in a productive and positive direction. Mars and Pluto, the co-rulers of Scorpio, are conjunct in CapricornSaturn, ruler of Capricorn, is strong in its home sign and rewards us with material manifestation when we’re willing to take responsibility and do our work. Saturn forms a harmonious trine to the Sunand sextile to the Moon, helping us to stay grounded and focused on our priorities.

Neptune in Pisces is also a helpful influence at this Full Moon, trining the Moon and Jupiter and bringing in softer, gentler energies to balance the Martian intensity. Neptune opens us to greater love, compassion, and acceptance. When we accept what is and love ourselves exactly as we are, we facilitate the process of transformation. The ongoing Jupiter–Neptune trine heightens our sensitivity to the unseen and brings opportunities to advance our spirituality to the next level. The higher potential of Jupiter–Neptune is especially available now, as this is the Wesak Full Moon, when Buddha returns to the Earth with a blessing for humanity. We can increase our receptivity to this influx of healing and enlightening energies through meditation, prayer, or quiet time in or near water.

Written by Emily Trinkaus for the Mountain Astrologer Magazine

Full Moon symbolizes the fulfillment of the seeds planted at a previous New Moon or some earlier cycle. Each Full Moon reminds us of the seeds that may be coming to maturity, to their fullness, to fruition, to the place where the fruits or gifts are received. It may seem that fulfillment of our goals takes a long time. Some intentions may manifest within the two week phase prior to the next New or Full Moon. Some however, depending on their complexity, may take a much longer time. Just remember that our thoughts and emotions set Universal Action in motion and much work takes place behind the scenes as everything is orchestrated for fulfillment. Keep visualizing your goals as though you have already attained them and they will eventually manifest. Do not concern yourself with current conditions or worry about controlling it. The universe takes care of those details. Just keep seeing what you want, and move in that direction with your actions, and give no energy to what you don’t want. Patience is required.

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