Meditation is a Moral Force: Why Letting Go Ignites our Passion to Transform the World

Craig Hamilton For a transcript and mp3 version of this clip, visit: more inspiring videos, audios, and articles at​​ When we sit down to meditate, most of us make a conscious effort to let go of all of our worldly concerns in order to bring our attention to a deeper stillness, focus and presence. And spiritual teachings east and west often call us to transcend our attachments to the world in pursuit of a higher consciousness. So, why is it that when we encounter spiritually awakened people, they often seem to be on fire with a passion to transform the world? What is it about the discovery of awakened consciousness that catalyzes such intense care and conviction? And how do we reconcile that passion for change with the often detached transcendence we experience in meditation? In this video clip, Craig dives into the center of these questions, ultimately illuminating how the profound peace of meditation can open the door to an awakened heart and paradoxically transform us into a powerful force for evolution. For a transcript and mp3 version of this clip, visit:…

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