Marianne Williamson on Political Engagement and Speaking Up vs. Tearing Down

Our community tends to be very proactive in organizing interventions for drug and alcohol abuse. We step in and say, “If you continue this way, you will die, so we’re going to have an intervention.”

But we don’t speak forcefully enough when it comes to politics, the environment, and social issues. It’s no different. If we continue polluting the air and water, we could lose civilization as we know it. If we continue to suppress the vote among large groups of people, we could lose our democracy.

We cannot pretend this isn’t happening. There’s a difference between transcendence and denial. Negative denial is when you’re just not looking at it. Positive denial is when you realize it’s happening, but you deny its ability to go any further, now that you’re here. You deny its ultimate power over you.

We have to use our spiritual perspectives to reduce ourselves to zero—so that we can be present for the really big issues facing humanity. To be really available to the suffering of humanity, it has to mean more than just the suffering of the individual. We have to wake up to the collective suffering.

~ Marianne Williamson

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