Libra New Moon, September 28, 2019

Wendy Cicchetti

The Libra New Moon offers chances to lay new foundations in relationships. This may evolve from recognizing the lack of potential in an existing setup, since the New Moon closely opposes wounded Chiron. Accepting that some things cannot be mended, repeated, or reframed can be quite progressive. We may stop trying to force an issue that has been going nowhere, despite our intense hope and efforts. The New Moon is quincunx Uranus, an aspect that represents a blind spot, involving a planet that indicates a flash of insight. We could be given a glimpse into where a state of affairs has been going wrong — and what would help to balance it out in the future.

Sometimes, it becomes clear that, due to a lack of action or to inappropriate action in the past, a situation really cannot be salvaged. It is finished or irretrievable. Yet, another opportunity can be snatched up, which would set the moral compass of circumstances on the right track again. This is a distinct possibility, under the current lunation, and might simply entail being open to unusual suggestions.

This theme could apply in a very specific area, such as health, which is often a concern with the quincunx. Uranus has a maverick quality, so we might be encouraged to try something quite alternative. Since Uranus is retrograde, it may well be an option that we considered or even tried before but dismissed as unsuitable or undesirable. Yet, suddenly, it may seem just the thing — seen in a new light under the Uranus–Sun connection!

Venus is conjunct Mercury, the planet of mind and verbal exchanges. Here, the emphasis is on peace, calm, and balance. When establishing new connections, we do well to veer towards those people with whom we naturally feel greater tranquility and equilibrium. There may be a sense of emotional and lifestyle recharging around such folk, with new mental stimuli coming in — and perhaps a few cultural events on the calendar again.

If people around us seem easygoing, maybe we find it easy to mirror that approach to life, too. Venus is happy in Libra and will compromise there, without feeling resentment. The Libra planets indicate a win–win situation and an easy, give-and-take element — friends and family tend to have fewer problems in taking turns. So, it may be easier to get needed support, or just to find a companion for a desired event we’d rather not attend alone.

In the Tarot, Venus links with the Empress, attuning to seasonal changes and the need for adjustment to trends. She maintains high standards of hospitality but, when in Rome, is open to the local culture and cuisine. Venus is challenged by squares to Saturn and Pluto, indicating caution around going too far. Excesses of food, wine, or love can result in toxic outcomes. Some simple protection is afforded through Jupiter’s close sextile to Venus. Jupiter in Sagittarius means that if we aim for the highest good — allowing for a spiritual connection — we may be less likely to err.

This article is from the Mountain Astrologer, written by Diana Collis.

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