Imagine a world without religion…

Wendy Mandy
By Wendy Mandy
Religion: The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. – Oxford Dictionary  

It is generally thought that the first cities and civilisations were in Mesopotamia. India and China claim they also had the first cities. There were early cities in South America. Whatever the truth, what we do know is that along with cities came civilisations that brought hierarchies, trade and ownership of land, people, women and children.

The city people’s fears were of losing status, being punished by their masters or not having enough to eat. Those in search of work and food also faced separation anxiety from their families and tribal grounds. In contrast forest tribes lived in a harmonious way with the recognition that each tribal member was of equal value and included as a part of the whole. The forest provided all their needs and food. Their only stress was immediate fear and danger (like a snake bite) and forgotten as soon as the danger was over. They made friends with death knowing they were reborn over and over as a coded frequency.  They knew no sense of loneliness – surrounded by loving inclusive families and nature.

At some point the forest version of God which is the inclusive frequency of a unifying love where everyone and all of nature is God was replaced by a superhuman controlling religious power. This God outside of us can punish or reward us. This religious God is unreliable and must be kept happy. (He) must be prayed to for attention and his rules obeyed for favours.                              

The forest god is everywhere!… In the child, the river, the mother, the man’s penis, the woman’s womb, the sky and the moon.

The forest tribe know that all their actions affect everyone and everything.

If we remembered we are God we would regain a sense of place and inclusion and a naturally occurring moral compass with our constructive or destructive actions.                              

Let’s teach our children about the God in all of us that cannot reward or punish us and can only love us as we love ourselves and each other.

Lots of Love,

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