Gwyllm Llwydd – Psychedelic Dreamwork

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Published on Jan 27, 2019
Gwyllm Llwydd pursues his art in Portland Oregon, where he lives with his family. Well traveled in the paths of surrealism, dreamwork, mystery schools, arcane metaphysics, psychedelia, and community action, his art explores the hidden dimensions of human consciousness. His works are sold throughout the world and include the latest issue of “The Invisible College Magazine,” for which he is the editor and publisher, and a new illuminated edition of Fitz Hugh Ludlow’s Victorian era psychedelic classic The Hasheesh Eater. Most recently, Gwyllm has taken up a life-long goal of giving talks on Art and its relationship to personal and spiritual evolution. He sincerely believes that community, art, love, and opening up your mind are part of the puzzle (among many) to a Brave New World.

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