Full Moon April 29 2018 ~ Hungry Kali

The full moon April 29 falls at 9º Scorpio decan 1. The full moon April 2018 astrology is the most complex web of aspects I have seen in a long time! There is a T-square with Ceres conjunct the north node at 10º Leo. Two learning triangles connected in what the Hubers call a trapeze and the Moon forms the base of a Yod to Venus also. Not only that, but if you look carefully in the chart below, there is also a pentagram buried in that lot also.

This means there are many factors pulling the strings in most situations at present and there are no simple solutions to problems. Pull one corner of the puzzle and surprisingly another seemingly totally unrelated area will quiver. This Moon could re-ignite the effects of the Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse that occurred back in January. Ceres (now direct) revisits the North Node and the eclipse point once again. Ecological themes come to the fore, and with the Yod pointing to stormy Venus on Hyades, watch out for freak weather and geoengineering in the news.

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