Full Moon 1 January 2018 ~ High As Kites

By Marina (darkstarastrology.com)

The Full Moon on 1 January 2018, falls at 11º Cancer. The Moon is powerful and comfortable in Cancer decan 2. The full Moon January 2018 qualifies as a Supermoon since this is the largest Full moon of the year. Family values are really high, so if the parental supportive is available we can attract success to our lives. Those touched by this Full Moon won’t feel particularly ambitious and they don’t need to be either as the right people and work will find them. If you are job hunting the right opportunity simply falls into your lap just when you need it.

This is a very auspicious decan for the Full Moon and a great one for social gatherings and family get-togethers. There is a negative side though, we cannot take any harsh or ruthless behaviour at this time. For we will feel extra-sensitive and will really need those cuddles!

Full Moon Meaning

Full Moons tend to make us purge and release things from our lives, so we need to make sure that we are in control of this and no one is forcing our hand! Sometimes we can let go of things that we regret later, due to heightened emotions and the Full Moons perchance for saying ‘F*** You!’  The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious and our shadow. This can feel uncomfortable as the Sun literally blasts out the demons who have nowhere to hide. Often the full moon is a time when we reap what we sowed at the New Moon,.. for good or for ill.

The veils between the worlds are thinnest around a full Moon, so be very careful what you invite in. Instead, the Full Moon is best used to purge things out, and banish entities/bad habits back to the underworld from whence they came. Make sure you close the door firmly afterwards! This is a good time for exorcism, but make sure you are completely grounded and fully in control of the process. If in doubt, lie low and protect yourself. A Lunar Eclipse is a turbocharged Full Moon where the blood red moon makes a graphic statement of any symbolic ‘deaths’ or aborted projects that might occur at this time in our lives.

Full Moon In Cancer ~ Be Sensitive!

At this Full Moon January 2018, it is not the time to use the Spartan school of disciplining, either on those we are responsible for in work or in a domestic situation. Expect tears and tantrums if you go in too heavy-handed. The resentment that builds up after can be very bitter, with the injured party making you pay dearly for their perceived suffering.

The need to be in a safe community is very important at this Full Moon, as we are so sensitive to the neighbourhood vibration. Those touched by this Full Moon and Lunar types will do better in tranquil, suburban areas then frantic city centres with higher crime rates. Get out of the big smoke if you can for New Year’s day!

Full Moon January 2018 Astrology

The January Full Moon aligns with Fixed star Alzirr found in the right foot of Pollux, one of the Gemini twins. This star is included in the Arabic 4th mansion, Al Han’ah, meaning ‘The brand-mark’ usually a Brand on the right side of a camel’s, or horse’s, neck. Robson says that the 4th mansion is “Favorable for hunting, besieging towns, and the revenge of princes, destroys harvests and fruits, and hinders the operation of the physician.” Pollux was known as the evil, immortal twin hence the negative associations. Still, we mustn’t forget the influence of the Twins as a whole.

Full Moon In Pollux

Manilus says; “From the Twins come less laborious callings and a more agreeable way of life, provided by varied song and voices of harmonious tone, slender pipes, the melodies inborn in strings and the words fitted thereto: those so endowed find even work a pleasure. They would banish the arms of war, the trumpet’s call, and the gloom of old age: theirs is a life of ease and unfading youth spent in the arms of love.”

So this star can be vengeful and destructive given half a chance. Though it seems that some sweet music and a loving embrace can work wonders. Again it seems that this sensitive Full Moon just needs to be treated kindly, wrapped in cotton wool, and no sharp knives. Operations should be avoided at this time, this is usually the advice anyway at a Full Moon, but this one is extra gushy.

Full Moon January 2018 Horoscope

Full Moon January 2018

Full Moon Aspects ~ Venus, Neptune & Lilith

Moon trine Neptune can become extremely devoted to its lover but needs to be careful that its longing to merge with others leaves no sense of self whatsoever. At this Full moon we do best channelling this great devotion into an all-consuming passion, Ie; An artistic project, spiritual practice or best of all, working to transform the lives of the sick and needy. Moon trine Neptune takes the fantasy element of Neptune and tries to build a utopia. There is a budding saviour quality about it and is in tune with the common people’s hope and dreams. The nurturing side of the moon can take on a transpersonal role in mothering the world.

Moon opposite Venus could well feel torn between nurturing and the satisfaction of sensual desires. When this happens, one end of the opposition gets projected. This can be a person obsessed with making everything gorgeous, perfect and idyllic while bemoaning kids with sticky fingers and life’s unpleasant bathroom smells… Examples of successfully blending the Moon/Venus polarity would include a career in architecture, interior design or a master-chef who presents his food beautifully.

Full Moon January 2018Moon opposite Black Moon Lilith. Because the Moon and the Black Moon are such polar opposites, in the opposition they could actually end up cancelling each other out. A successful balance of these two would mean that the domestic moon can restrain Lilith from going too far off the rails and wild Lilith could break some of the moons stagnating habits. The bad side of this aspect could be projecting the attraction for the forbidden fruit onto partners by falling for addicts. At this Full Moon, we could find ourselves playing either side of this opposition, the loving supportive moon or the vampiric Lilith who bleeds their partner dry to feed their addiction.

Full Moon Kite Pattern

We can see that the Full Moon January 2018 forms the spine of a Kite across the grand water trine of Neptune trine Mars trine Moon. The Mars point is wide, but Jupiter close by gives it some weight. Here we might get a taste of the ‘Angel Delight’ Kite/Jupiter trine Neptune I mentioned in the Astrology of 2018 post. “It brings hope and spiritual harmony. Jupiter trine Neptune is also a very charitable aspect, but one that needs to be channelled realistically so that the help really does goes to the grass-roots, needy people.”

Full Moon January 2018 ~ Summary

There is a high possibility of waking up next to a Gaga-style ‘bad romance’ on New Year’s day if you fell down a pit of forbidden fruit at this Full Moon. There is a stark polarisation here due to the influence of Pollux, the so-called ‘evil’ twin. Chances of a triangular relationship getting into a tangle of confusion are high too as a Neptune ‘good-samaritan’ type tries to rescue a couple, but then gets pulled into their toxic drama. However, this Full Moon January 2018 is actually a very sensitive and loving one if you avoid the pitfalls of addiction.

As we can see, at this Cancer Full Moon, sometimes Black Moon Lilith plays the role of devil’s advocate and spices things up so that we don’t become stagnant and complacent in our closest relationships. Single people may grow tired of decadent parties and yearn for a safe and solid union, maybe even fall for a dependable someone whom they thought quite dull in the past. Sometimes it takes an interfering bitch to show us just how much we really love the comfy old slipper we call our wife, husband, best friend or business partner.

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