“Conversations With Calvin: The Series Continues”

I am excited to bring to you my upcoming guess Aalsa Lee, a woman that has made an art form out of living. A woman, of incredible Strength, Will, and Independence.  Some call her Unique. Some say she lived as if a woman from the future.

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Come to hear:         

A Unique Woman’s Insight into Maximizing Your Life

There are opportunities everywhere for those who have the courage to seize them! You have more than you think you have. You can do more than you think you can. You alone are responsible to use your natural intelligence, talents, abilities, and what some would call your Devine given gift to create a life of your choice. Expose yourself to your possibilities.

A Prosperos Sunday Meeting

                     Zoom Presentation

For this free, one-hour event beginning at 11: 00 a.m. Pacific time- Sunday, June 27, 2021, on Zoom.


Interesting people + Fun Conversation + Important Insights

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