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The Message of the Divine Iliad (Vol. 1) by Walter Russell

This is the first volume of a two-book set which sets forth the nature of universal law, the unity of all life, and how the nature of communion with our Source will make it possible to attain any desired goals. It is based on the premise that cosmic knowledge alone can make each person aware of the genius inherent within everyone. This volume contains six booklets and ten lectures.

(, via Richard Branam.)

Gloria Runyan

January 2, 2017

Greetings Beloved Prospero Family:

Please be with me in spiritual heart as I celebrate Glo Runyan’s passing on Dec. 13th 2016. We had Chistmas dinner on Sat and she left us without pain or suffering by Tuesday. I was with her, as was her choice, and experienced the most sacred time of my life as her powerful Spirit left her 93 yr old body. To the end she was a loving mother who I will miss beyond words.

I will always remember her joy in loving you, her family of the Heart, and the good times we had in Santa Monica with all of you beautiful Souls.

Thank you for your LOVE.

Patrice Rohmer

Carrie Fisher on laying in the sun

“You know what would be so cool?  To get to the end of my personality and, like, lay in the sun.”

–Carrie Frances Fisher (October 21, 1956 – December 27, 2016) was an American actress, writer, producer, and humorist. Fisher was the daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. She was known for playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars film series. Wikipedia

“Sacrifice” by Rainer Maria Rilke (courtesy of Gwyllm Llwydd)

(René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke (1875-1926). Painting by Maler)


How my body blooms from every vein
more fragrantly, since you appeared to me;
look, I walk slimmer now and straighter,
and all you do is wait-:who are you then?

Look: I feel how I’m moving away,
how I’m shedding my old life, leaf by leaf.
Only your smile spreads like sheer stars
over you and, soon now, over me.

Whatever shines through my childhood years
still nameless and gleaming like water,
I will name after you at the altar,
which is blazing brightly from your hair
and braided gently with your breasts.

PHILOSOPHY – René Descartes

Rene Descartes is perhaps the world’s best known-philosopher, in large part because of his pithy statement, ‘I think therefore I am.’ He stands out as an example of what intellectual self-confidence can bring us.

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Translation is a 5-step process using syllogistic reasoning to transform apparent man and the universe back into its essential whole, complete and perfect nature.  Through the process of Translation, reality is uncovered and thus revealed. Through word tracking, getting to the essence of the words we use to express our current view of reality, we are uncovering the one true reality.

Sense testimony:

You give your fealty where you get your security or protection.


1)  Truth, anger-free, anxiety-free, gives fealty to Itself: all-knowing, all-possessing, invulnerable Infinite Mind.

2)  Truth is the only Father Mother, creating all governing all, one sound harmonious agreeable powerful knowing presence being all I Am.

3)  To come (see Comments).

Book: “Pistis Sophia” (recommended by Richard Branam)

Jesus appears to his disciples after the resurrection

Pistis Sophia (Greek: Πίστις Σοφία) is a Gnostic text discovered in 1773, possibly written between the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. The existing manuscript, which some scholars place in the late 4th century, relates one Gnostic group’s teachings of the transfigured Jesus to the assembled disciples (including his mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Martha). In this text, the risen Jesus had spent eleven years speaking with his disciples, teaching them only the lower mysteries. After eleven years, he receives his true garment and is able to reveal the higher mysteries revered by this group. The prized mysteries relate to complex cosmologies and knowledge necessary for the soul to reach the highest divine realms.

Much of the first two books of the manuscript are dedicated to outlining the myth of the fall and restoration of the figure known as Pistis Sophia, in particular giving detailed parallels between her prayers of repentance and particular Psalms and Odes of Solomon.

Although in many Gnostic texts and systems Sophia is a major female divinity, in Pistis Sophia she originates and dwells outside of the divine realm. Her fall and redemption parallel that found in versions of the Sophia myth such as that in the Apocryphon of John, but the actions all take place in the material aeons, and she can only be restored to her place in the thirteenth aeon, outside the Kingdom of Light.

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Barbara Elaine Hager, H.W., M.

Barbara Elaine Hager, on the first day of this new year, passed into a new life at 7:10 a.m.  We are going to have a memorial service for Barbara January 14 (Saturday). Not sure of the details yet, but will post them when I do.
–Pam Rodolph (via Facebook)

My heart is very heavy this morning because at 7:10 am, my aunt, Barbara E. Hager, passed away after a tough bout with cancer. Barbara was one of those special kind of people who always brightened any room that she entered with her warm and beautiful smile as well as her enthusiastic and positive spirit. Over the course of her life, she touched so many people and always seemed to know the exact words that someone needed to hear when they were down and was more than happy to share her time with anyone who needed it at anytime. Barbara led a very full life that included serving her country in the Vietnam War, working for the National Football League for many years, spending countless hours helping animals and on and on. However, what meant the most to her was the love of her life,Pamela. A lot of people spend their entire lives searching for their soulmate, but Barbara was fortunate enough to find hers many years ago and she realized what a blessing that truly was. Our family has lost a wonderful lady who can never be replaced and our hearts are broken. A memorial service celebrating her life will be held on Saturday, January 14th. We will provide more details in the next few days. R.I.P. Barbara. Your legacy will live on forever and you will never be forgotten. I know I speak for our entire family when I say that we love you more than words can say.

–Chad Burleson (via Facebook)