Aquarius Full Supermoon, August 11th, 2022

Wendy Cicchetti

Aquarius Full Supermoon

The cool-headed Aquarius Full Moon is separating from a t-square with fiery Mars and Uranus, moving from an apparently combustible atmosphere to something a little chillier and calmer. This shift is particularly underlined through the Moon applying to conjoin Saturn, which rules Aquarius — strengthening its expression, according to ancient astrologers like Ptolemy. I’ve heard both traditional and modern astrologers talk about context being important to interpretation; from this perspective, Saturn in its home, or domicile, might sound like an automatically positive position. For those with strong Saturn in their birth charts, it may feel like one of the safest places for Saturn to be! Yet, Saturn also represents hard work and limitations and often has the reputation of a killjoy — strength may simply mean having more grip, intensification, and sway than usual.

Yet the super-sobriety of dignified Saturn could feel quite steadying, even if it does mean some sort of constraint for a while. If some trouble in our lives has come through another’s out-of-control actions, such as disrespecting our boundaries, then limits might feel like a blessing. These might relate to legal limits, or even simply a quieting of arguments because someone has physically run out of steam.

With Saturn a close neighbor of Jupiter, they tend to maintain a reputation as planetary big boys vying for power, with seemingly quite opposite agendas. If we do things Jupiter’s way, we want more of everything; if we go in Saturn’s direction, we apply or experience constraint. If we have a strong Jupiterian side in our charts, we may feel it more keenly at times like this, when Saturn takes the lead. Saturn is so often linked with duty and responsibility — it can make for life becoming “all work and no play,” or feeling overburdened with a task load. Yet, this planet is also the traditional lord of time, and can help us decide just how long to allocate to each task we face.

This will be especially helpful when under a heap of duties — or even if there are new tasks or options up for grabs. We may need to sit on our hands, rather than automatically opt to overcommit. Where we cannot duck without facing negative consequences, it might be down to personal choice for how fast we act or how much energy we allocate in each instance. This could be the time to remind ourselves of the scope of a to-do list!

The volatile energy of the recent t-square may continue to send a few sparks flying, since it takes a while for any fire to cool down fully, even when the main flames have lost their fury. Whatever the square has tapped into for us, a tie-in to the lunar nodes — creating a fixed grand cross — could have an historic element attached.

The grand cross across fixed signs suggests entrenched, inflexible positions, where no one appears willing to give in without a fight. This is necessary because the opposite can seem like losing, or simply not standing up for what’s right — especially so with Moon and Saturn in Aquarius, where there’s frequently a sense of doing right by others, as well as sticking up for oneself. We may worry about letting people down, not being true to ourselves — or both.

Yet there’s a weight to this level of fixity, which may not be something we want to carry for too long. The shape of Saturn’s glyph strikes me as a heavy, old-fashioned collar harness used for a horse to pull a cart or carriage — possibly one with quite a heavy cargo! Such a trip will ideally be relatively short, otherwise we will suffer pains, or at least need a decent amount of rest and recuperation afterward. The helpful, caring phrase that comes to mind is “go easy!”

This article is from the Mountain Astrologer written by Diana McMahon Collis

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