Ne me quitte pas – Ayo – Iggy Pop – Fabrice Eulry

Published on Apr 23, 2011
Fabrice Eulry …

Serviteur de toutes les musiques en général et du piano en particulier. Outre ses concerts solo, il joue aussi bien avec des artistes comme Iggy Pop, Ayo, Rhoda Scott, Catherine Ringer, Claude Bolling, Nancy Holloway, Big Jay Mac Neely, Joël Daydé, Gary Wiggins, qu’avec la grande harpiste Isabelle Perrin ou les cordes de l’ensemble prélude de Paris.

Le site officiel de Fabrice Eulry :

Translated into English:

Don’t leave me
We must forget
All can be forgotten
All that already has passed away
Forget the times
Of misunderstandings
And the time lost
Trying to know how
Forget those hours
Which sometimes killed
In attacks of “whys”
The heart of happiness
Don’t leave me (4 times)
I’ll give you
Pearls of rain
Coming from countries
Where it never rains
I will dig the earth
Until after my death
To cover your body
With gold and light
I will make a land
Where love will be king
Where love will be law
Where you will be queen
Don’t leave me (5 times)
I’ll create (make up) for you
Crazy words (words without sense)
That you will understand
I’ll tell you
About those lovers
Who have twice seen
Their hearts catch fire
I’ll tell you
The story of this king
Who died from not
Being able to meet you
Don’t leave me (4 times)
We’ve often seen
The fire erupt
From the ancient volcano
We once thought too old
They say there are
Burned lands
That give more wheat
Than a best April
And when the evening comes
For the sky to blaze
Does red and black
Not blend?
Don’t leave me (5 times)
I won’t cry anymore
I won’t talk anymore
I will hide there
To watch you
Dance and smile
And to hear you
Sing and then laugh
Let me become
The shadow of your shadow
The shadow of your hand
The shadow of your dog
Don’t leave me (4 times)

(Courtesy of Gwyllm Llwydd.)

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