“What is your passion?” vs “what is your Love?” from Hanz Bolen, HWM

“What is your passion?” vs “what is your Love?”

Etymology: Passion
Proto Indo Eureopean- 5000 yrs ago
Pei – “to hurt”

Pati – “to suffer”!
Physical suffering of Christ on the cross
or meaning
Angry emotional

Many of the modern applications of ‘passion’ no longer convey the idea of suffering at all. It’s present use is one describing an intense desire, which is often sexual in nature. The modern use also defines passion as being an irrational force that is also irresistible. The older version did not identify whether the force compelling you to action was rational or irrational nor did it specify whether it could be resisted. The change in the meaning of the word has increased the power of ‘passion’ over its original definition.

Consider what is your passion vs what is your compelling love?


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