Venus Update. Being Surprised by Love and Liberating your Heart

Matthew Stelzner Over the last 2-3 weeks there have been a series of powerful transits involving the planet Venus. These transits are climaxing today and tomorrow, but continue for the next 7-10 days. This sequence of transits began with Venus moving across the Saturn square Uranus alignment that has been a collective backdrop energy since the beginning of last year. Forming a T-square pattern, Venus first moved into a square with Saturn around September 10th and then moved to be more precisely opposite Uranus around September 18th. This relationship between Venus and Uranus has been strong since then, but what does it mean? This overall configuration has something to do with the liberation of love after overcoming challenges and obstacles. It is the kind of transit that tests the strength of your heart while also calling your heart to grow stronger. It gives the opportunity to awaken to new levels of love (and surprising new forms of love) that can only be discovered through endurance and hard work in your most intimate relationships, including, and perhaps most importantly, your relationship with yourself. This is a fantastic sequence of transits for the discipline of self-love, and for the rewards that can come when you are a loyal lover to yourself. When you set a strong intention to love the parts of yourself that you are most critical of, a kind of profound liberation is possible. For the last week the dominant energy has been the Venus opposite Uranus, and so I would expect that many of you might now be feeling the blessings of an awakened and strengthened heart. What makes this time even more healing is that Venus has additional special alignments, with a trine to Neptune and a Square to Jupiter, and with both of these continuing for the next 7-10 days. I discuss this in the video, but this is quite helpful, as it means that the process of heart opening that the Venus-Uranus transit started, continues to grow and expand with the aid of Jupiter, while also melting the heart on a spiritual level with the aid of Neptune. As I mentioned above, there is a kind of climax to this whole process happening today and tomorrow as the Moon moves into an exact (and rare) grand trine with Venus and Neptune. This is a very special alignment for feeling the love of the divine feminine, and melting in her embrace. This can be a subtler energy, but it is not so subtle if you can take the time to slow down and open to the divine love that is seeking you at this time. With Neptune strong it can be helpful to spend time with the beauty and pleasure of the water element, and it can also be helpful to spend time with heart opening spiritual practices. It is also great for artistic inspiration and for connecting with spiritual art and music. To check out more of my work, see my blog, and get information about my intuitive readings, visit my website at: I have an equinox promotion with discounts on my readings available through this Friday the 1st. In order to be eligible for the promotion you will need to be on my email list. Link below. Sign up for my mailing list here:… If you sign up for my mailing list you will also receive my newsletter and special promotions. Check me out on Instagram where you will find unique content that is not shared here: @tarot_and_lola

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