Truth is happening right now!

By Mike Zonta, BB editor

We can all stipulate, I hope, that: Truth is that which is so. That which is not truth is not so. Ergo: Truth is all that is.

Since Truth (with a capital “T” since we’re speaking of Truth in general as opposed to specific truths) is all that is, therefore Truth is all that be’s, all that takes place, all that occurs, all that happens (which word happens to have the same etymological root as the word happy.)

So we are talking about a Truth which is happening right now, not some time in the past or some time in the future. In fact, you could say there is no past in Truth. And there is no future in Truth.

There is only Truth being now, Truth taking place right now. Truth happening right now.

Or another way to say that is: The past is only now. And the future is only now.

This explains so-called precognition, not to mention memory.

If Truth is all happening right now, you could say that Truth is one infinite coincidence, or one infinite synchronicity.

Of course that is not the appearance. The appearance is that we’ve all had a past and we will all have a future.

But that’s just so we can take our time, if you will, instead of experiencing everything at the same time.

So looking at things from the viewpoint of Truth, or God, or Infinite Mind, it’s all happening right now!

And we can take that viewpoint at any time we like. For Translators (see “Prosperos Classes” page on this website), the first step gives us an opportunity to transcend the space-time continuum.

And the 2nd through 5th steps show us how to be in the space-time continuum, but not of it.

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