The Prosperos Summer Class Series

The Prosperos’ Summer Class Series
For the first time in many years The Prosperos will present a complete series of our core curriculum this summer, beginning with Cosmic Intention Therapy in mid-May. The series provides a thorough exposition of every aspect of The Prosperos instruction.The complete schedule is : 

May 15-16, Cosmic Intention Therapy
by Thane, monitored with live instruction by William Fennie, H.W., M.
Big picture context that brings clarity to evolutionary changes convulsing our planetary societies
June 12-13, Advance Seminar
by Thane, monitored with live instruction by Heather Williams, H.W., M.
“With great power comes great responsibility”. We take a close look at the onslaught of technological change and the requirements for a new identity to navigate a new world
June 26-27, Translation
by Thane, monitored with live instruction by Prosperos Dean Al Haferkamp
The Prosperos’ fundamental tool for unlearning false concepts / constructs that prevent us from experiencing the freedom of our innate, cosmic Self
July 17-19, Releasing the Hidden Splendour
by Thane, monitored with live instruction by Anne Bollman, H.W., M.
Similar to Translation, a tool focused on reviewing undigested emotional data and freeing ourselves and those around us to their unique, unpredictable good
July 31, Self Encounter
taught live by Rick Thomas, H.W., M.
Further training for uncovering hidden emotions
Extra !
August 21-22, Supracargo, the Paranormal Requisites of the Super Pro
by Thane, monitored by Heather Williams, H.W., M.
It’s been many years since this class was presented, and Heather’s presentation is sure to be engaging.
Stay tuned for detailed information about each of the classes.
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