The Courage to Connect

Join Braver Angels National Ambassador, John Wood, Jr., to discuss how we can bridge the partisan divide and co-create community online.

EVENT BY Center for Humane Technology….It’s Online through Air Meet (not Zoom)– (tip: best to use Google Chrome, not Firefox)

April 2, 2021


10:00 AM – 10:30 AM PDT

Register and create your profile with Center for Humane Technology prior to Friday, April 2 (see link below), to receive your log-in codes/access.

A Tip:  Enter the platform a bit before this event starts, if you want to sign up to be in one of the discussion groups following this talk.          Some groups are more for the techie, some groups more for educators, etc. They can get filled up.

I hope you’ll join in next Friday.
Sara Walker

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