The Blue Whale Penis

blue whale penis
Source: Unbelievable Facts

Blue Whales

Blue Whales are commonly compared to the size of a basketball court, reaching lengths of up to 95 feet (29m). Proportionally, they also boast the largest phallus, ranging from eight to ten feet (2.5-3m), with a one-foot diameter. Not only this, but each testicle can weigh up to one hundred and fifty pounds, and gallons of sperm are ejaculated at once.

The phallus is usually contained within the genital slit on the whale’s underside, protruding only when use is required. 

Their penis is also very agile, with two muscles attached to the pelvis giving it a good range of motion and allowing it to alter its shape depending on the anatomy of the female. 


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  1. Great pic. I’d heard that male Blue whales had huge phalli but had never seen one.

    It seems that penises are getting to be a thing here on the BB!

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