Translation is a 5-step system of syllogistic reasoning using words and their meanings and histories to transform the testimony of the senses and uncover the underlying timeless reality of Being/Consciousness.

Translators:  Hanz Bolen, Melissa Goodnight, Richard Branam, Mike Zonta.

Sense testimony:  Reciprocity of giving and getting may become unbalanced when the commonwealth isn’t recognized.


1)  Truth is one Possessor, one Possession, full to overflowing and cannot be added to; incomparable, unequalled, with no counter balance; the all-knowing, all-recognizing Commonwealth.
2)  One Infinite, Consciousness Beingness, That I AM, is always subjectively encountering (recognizing) its very own (ownership) everpresent mirror, that ceaselessly reflects equivalently the perfectly proportionate correspondence of inseparable assured mutuality.
3)  All is One Truth, related in Commonwealth, The agreement of Self Evident Knowing and Value, The only Presence and Power, only giving and taking, touching and tasting, the only universal Integrity in Each and Every Individuation and Agreement besides which there is none else. All is the Commonwealth of Truth in Self Evident Agreement.
4) Truth is this consistency, self Existing, indwelling essential (In-Voice), Autismical accuracy, self captivational splendorousness , licensed for pure enuring Kingdom of causational excitement, Being self commanding Awareness.

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