Aries New Moon, April 11th, 2021

Wendy Cicchetti

Aries New Moon

The Aries New Moon bursts onto the scene in a blaze of glory, with the restless, impetuous energy of spring’s emergence. Yet this Moon is somewhat tempered by close proximity to Venus, adding a softer edge. As the Moon and Venus are traditionally the major symbols of feminine energy in astrology, this is a double, female alliance. We may notice more sisterly energy around us — or realize this needs to come from within, since tolerance has worn thin for the harder edges and demanding impatience often associated with a more masculine approach. This New Moon nudges us to focus on the more patient, giving, gentle sides of our nature, as opposed to the more aggressive, pushy ways we may go about getting what we want. The Moon–Venus combination in Aries calls forth a finely tuned balance — an engaged receptivity.

It won’t go unnoticed that, overall, this lunation chart contains a chain of asteroids and planets in Aries — six planetary bodies in all, both major and minor, from Chiron through Mercury, Ceres, Sun and Moon, to Venus. Despite any established ideas of which bodies “count” within a stellium, I have found in practice that people who have a lot of cosmic content in a particular sign, in their charts, tend to have a strong resonance with that sign — and may seem to embody it in some obvious way. In particular, Mercury in Aries stands out in this stellium, as it reminds me of someone I know with that placement, who needs to move around physically a great deal, in order to “think straight.” The New Moon’s close proximity to Ceres is also reflective of thinking about what nourishes us — or even, quite literally, urging us to get our dietary plan or grocery list in order!

The Moon sextiles Mars, in Gemini, underlining the theme of collaboration already hinted at in its conjunction with Venus. Mars in the double-bodied sign of the Twins gives us the benefit of greater manpower; if we get others involved, the job becomes easier! The Moon also sextiles Jupiter in Aquarius, emphasizing opportunities for growth. With the humanitarian streak that runs through Aquarius, along with its ability to function well in groups, this brings to mind the lyrics of the song “Love Train,” with “people all over the world” joining in! The sextile’s doorway into fostering co-operation should not be ignored — although sometimes we have to be the ones to create the opportunity, rather than wait for it to show itself. So, embrace the courage of Mars and generosity of Jupiter, and extend options, invitations, and encouragement to others. A gentle nudge may be in order. Then we will see how to take matters forward, or that we need to hold back a while, depending on the responses we receive (and not forgetting that we might need to be patient, and not just judge on what happens in the first few hours, or days!) The Jupiter sextile also reminds us to focus on a journey — a longer path of progress and learning.

If there is one blot on the sky, it is perhaps the cardinal square of the Moon to Pluto in Capricorn. Where there are Pluto issues, I am often reminded of the late Donna Cunningham’s work in her book, Healing Pluto Problems. Hard Moon–Pluto aspects (the square, opposition, and sometimes the conjunction) symbolize an intense sensitivity, especially to feeling suffocated, controlled, disempowered, and shamed. This lunation allows us a chance to become aware of these states, perceptions, or feelings, whether they are triggered in us or someone around us. If we notice them arising, aim to bring compassion to help heal the situation, rather than brash, Aries energy that might add fuel to the fire!

Equally, given our heightened sensitivity, we may experience events in a deeper way than usual, and if so, we may benefit from handling ourselves with kid gloves — especially our inner child, whose delicate nervous system registers pain more easily. Cunningham speaks about chakra healing and use of flower remedies in her book, both of which I have felt to be helpful in supporting sensitive moments, when life sends a sparky event that feels like a cannon ball landing!

This article is from the Mountain Astrologer, written by Diana Collis.

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