Jordan B. Peterson on Jung, Nietsche, the Twentieth Century, Nihilism, Statism, Schiklgruber, Pinnochio (of Course!), and Much Else…

Clicking on a link included with “Carl Jung: What Are the Archetypes?” posted by Mike below, I found this section of a lecture by Peterson:

As my fellow “veterans” of FYL can probably imagine, I sat bolt upright in my chair when Peterson began talking about Herr S. and black magic (about halfway through, I think…).

Please note that this seems to be a less-than-complete video of lesson 6 of his 22 part series Personality and Its Transformations.  It is still mind-boggling.

A couple of comments off the top of my head – for what they’re worth:

Peterson seems surprised at the similarities between the ideas of Jung and Piaget.  There is a connection: namely, Dr Sabina Spielrein – a patient, then student, then colleague of Jung’s – who was also Piaget’s teacher/analyst and colleague.

I also feel compelled to stick up, yet again, for poor old Jean-Paul Sartre, who Peterson states was a member of the Communist Party, and stayed in that party for far too long.  In reality, though a philosophical/theoretical Marxist for most of his life, Sartre remained outside the Party, and was often highly – even vehemently – critical of the excesses and brutalities of the Leninist/Stalinist regime of the Soviet Union, including being one of the first in the West to expose the “corrective labor” camps of the Gulag.   Also, toward the end of his life, Sartre got so fed up with Marxism that he became an anarchist .  Maybe his process was less rapid than Peterson would like – and Peterson, as always, has a point – but Sartre still did find his way out.  And really, is it wrong to work with, and through, a set of ideas until one is sure one has exhausted them?  Perhaps it is to Sartre one should look for the best critique of Marxism, for who knew it better, or thought it through more thoroughly?


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