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Dear Consciousness Seekers,

2019 SUMMER WOBBLE alert: This Wobble begins June 8th and goes until August 3rd . It is a long one since it is both a Moon and a Solar Wobble. It is a triple whammy and extreme Wobble. It includes 2 Eclipses and a Mercury Retrograde. The Solar Eclipse on July 2nd is in the Sign of Cancer at 10 degrees/38 minutes. This is right on the United States Sun. A time of major change. Then we have a Lunar Eclipse on July 16th in the Sign of Capricorn at a little over 24 degrees. By the way the center of the Summer Wobble is at 17 degrees/ 31 minutes of Cancer. Anyone with Planets in the Signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries will experience the Wobble the strongest.

Mercury goes retrograde on July 7th at 4:15 pm pacific time and does not go forward until July 31st at 8:58pm pacific time. It is Retrograde in the Sign of Leo until July 19th when it becomes Retrograde in the Sign of Cancer. This Mercury Retrograde is most important for the Signs of Leo and Cancer. It impacts the world and many individuals who have planets in the Signs of the Retrograde. There is always the tendency to depression as emotions which one has not fully dealt with, come up more intensely during Mercury Retrogrades. An ideal time to do therapy. Irrational violent acts harming others have become too prevalent. The greatest gift we have is Life and it is sacred.

People who seek help when they have an emotional problem, including depression are more successful than those who do not ask for help. There is an old saying and a true one “that character is Destiny”. Many have lost their way because they have no moral compass. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, a great Spiritual truth.

We are in a ‘pressure cooker” of difficult Cycles that ultimately come for humanity’s evolution and growth. Saturn the Planet that represents lessons, tests and karma is in the Sign of Capricorn which represents the outer material world. What has been going on making it more challenging and difficult is that Saturn is currently on the South Lunar Node also in the Sign of Capricorn. Where the current South Lunar Node is reflects our area of undoing. Both Saturn and the South Lunar Node have been together since this May and continue to be together until October of this year. A time of great problems worldwide and a time of challenge in each individual’s Life. It feels like a never ending Wobble. Focus on the changes you need to make that will enhance your Life and create less stress.

In Love and Truth, Signe

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