Elton John – Border Song (demo 1969) With Lyrics!

RonnieFriend Piano & Vocal demo recorded by Elton John in 1969 at Dick James Studios. The song was eventually included on Elton’s second album “Elton John” in 1970, and was actually released as the album’s first single. Elton wrote the last verse himself, trying to sum up Bernie Taupin’s lyric. Taupin’s lyrics seem to actually be about being dissatisfied with London city life and pining to go “back to the border” where he belonged. Elton’s added summation changed the entire mood and made it a gospel song, longing for racial harmony. Joe Cocker commented in the Two Rooms tribute, “Way back in ’68 I met Elton in the office of the publisher Dick James. I was given a tape of ‘Border Song’ which for some obscure reason I turned down.” The song was covered by several other artists, usually maintaining and often surpassing the gospel feel that Elton gave it. Aretha Franklin was the first to cover the song, which encouraged the young song-writing team immensely. Words & Music by Elton John & Bernie Taupin ©1969 Dick James Music Limited

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