Book: “A Whisper can Rip your Guts out: A Memoir”

A Whisper can Rip your Guts out: A Memoir

A Whisper can Rip your Guts out: A Memoir

by Elliott Zaff 

A razor sharp scalpel was used… gutting partially sane humans… tweaking willing client’s existence with genius surgical wizardry offering them a saner richer world.

A Canadian-turned-American searching for why we are here on Earth and how to evolve out of a life of illusions found a world-traveled Professor of unlimited talent who had realized America was a place which allowed intelligence over beliefs…well, at least sometimes.

You want money, to love and be loved, to be safe, to be healthy and for life to have periods of ease but with a secure plan. What you realize after some years is that life is filled with discoveries about you and the world, that there is always something new around the corner and your successful results are possible with enough focus and effort.

So, please do what you think is the ultimate choice for you, be proud of your endeavors and step up to the next challenge and the next challenge and the next challenge. The ultimate goal is to be fluid in our understanding and our caring.

Awaken to emotional intelligence and what it can do for you and society. Thank yourself and others for being in your life. Live this life. For every day we will have challenges, problems and ups and downs no matter what life you live. Life will always be as splendid as the potential you allow it to be.


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