Book: “Man, the Manipulator: The Inner Journey from Manipulation to Actualization”

Man, the Manipulator: The Inner Journey from Manipulation to Actualization – 1967

All of us are to some degree manipulators. Whether for reasons of insecurity, fear, or an unwillingness to reveal our deeper feelings, we consciously or subconsciously use the tricks we have absorbed during our lives to conceal our true natures and thereby reduce ourselves and others into things to be controlled. But this book is more than just a description of the manipulators. The author shows clearly that when manipulation becomes a way of life we pay a price in boredom, anxiety, hostility – in broken lives and ruined careers. Out of his experience as a working psychologist, he reminds us that we have within us a positive potential which, if expressed, can lead us to know our true selves, trust our own feelings, communicate with and appreciate others, and mature into balanced, constructive, and realistic persons. This is “actualization.”

( and Richard Branam)

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