Weekly Invitational Translation

Translation is a 5-step process of “straight thinking in the abstract” comparing and contrasting what you think is the truth with what you can syllogistically and axiomatically prove is the truth.

The claims in a Translation may seem outrageous, but they are always (or should always be) based on self-evident syllogistic reasoning. Here is one Translation from this week. 

1)    Truth is that which is so.  That which is not truth is not so.  Therefore Truth is all that is.  Truth being all is therefore total, therefore whole, therefore complete, therefore full.  I think therefore I am.  Since I am and since Truth is all that is, therefore I, being, am Truth.  Since I, being, am Truth, therefore I have all the attributes of Truth.  Therefore I, being, am total, whole, complete, full.  Since I, being, am Truth and since I am mind/consciousness, therefore Truth is Mind/Consciousness.

2)    Experience is the best teacher.

experience:  peril, to test, try out, something that happens
happen:  to take place, to occur, to exist, to be
best:  comparison of good, better than all the others.
teach:  to show, to guide, to show through experience, to make visible.  

3)    Truth being Mind/Consciousness is therefore knowing, understanding, knowledge, things made visible.  Truth being all, therefore Truth is all-knowing, all-understanding, all-knowledge, all-things made visible, all-seeing.  Truth being one, cannot be better than all the others ’cause there are no others, therefore Truth is the only good.  Truth being all that is is therefore all that occurs, all that happens, all that is experienced.  Therefore Truth is the only experience.  

4)    Truth is all-knowing, all-understanding, all-knowledge, all-things made visible, all-seeing.  
        Truth is the only good.
        Truth is the only experience.  

5)    I, being, know that Truth is the only good, the only experience.

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